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Emma Slate - Sins ​of the Rex 3.
One ​year later... Everything is calm. Has been for months. I can finally breathe again. Flynn and I are back on track, our family is complete, and The Rex Hotel in Las Vegas is about to have its grand opening. Too bad serenity never lasts. Secrets are unraveled. Nothing is coincidence. Betrayal. Anger. Vengeance. Power is up for grabs. Empires fall. Will ours endure?

Emma Slate - Sins ​of the Rex 1.
It’s ​complicated, dark, and nothing is as it seems. My name is Barrett Schaefer and I thought I knew myself. And then I met Flynn Campbell. The mystery and danger surrounding him called to me. He changed my wants, my needs, my life. Love can destroy a person. So can death. Ethics. Morals. Honor. They have no place in my new world. My name is Barrett Schaefer. Who will I be when this is over?

Emma Slate - Sins ​of the Rex 2.
6 ​months later... I never thought this would be my life. Flynn and I are married and now we're expecting a baby. I'm so happy. Everything is perfect. Well, almost perfect. I've made peace with who my husband is, with his ties and political affiliations. I understand and support his cause. But this isn't about him. It's about me--and I'm still haunted by the things I've done, of the person I'm becoming. I want to put the past behind me and focus on the future. But I can't. Not when my past is coming for me and my family. And I'll do anything to protect my family...