Ádám Nádasdy könyvei a rukkolán

Ádám Nádasdy - Practice ​Book in English Phonetics and Phonology
This ​book is intended for English Phonetics and Phonology seminars with university students who are taking a degree in English. It may also be used (selectively perhaps) in Teacher Training Colleges. There are twelve units, as the envisages course is a one-semester, 2-hour-per-week seminar. Each unit begins with an articulation exercise, including practice with minimal pairs. The second exercise is always a transcription task, introducing the student to standard Gimson- type IPA transcription. (The drawbacks of this transcription system are mentioned occasionally, but on the whole it is presented as a useful tool to be learnt.) The material only treats British English (also known as BBC pronunciation or RP), with occasional remarks on American English. The central exercise in each unit is on some problem of phonology (e.g. Trisyllabic Laxness, or Voicing Assimilation), or on Letter-to-Sound Rules, especially the pronunciation of the vowel-letters. In the last four units the problems come from the field of suprasegmentals: stress and intonation. There are plenty of exercises that may be given as homework, to ensure that the seminar is a real week-to-week workshop. The material is admittedly much more than can be covered in one semester, and it is left to the teacher to decide what to skip. Some exercises are not meant to be covered in class, but are offered to specially interested students, who may prepare them on a voluntary basis and discuss their findings with the teacher separately.

Ádám Nádasdy - Take ​down his particulars
Nádasdy ​Ádám válogatott verseinek angol nyelvű kiadása Christopher Whyte fordításában, George Szirtes ajánlásával.

Ádám Nádasdy - Background ​to English Pronunciation
This ​book is primarily intended for B.A. students in Hungarian higher education training to become teachers of English. It includes much less theory - i.e. much less "linguistics" - than a standard university textbook would, and much more practical material, thought to be helpful for the future teacher. As a practical textbook for Hungarian teacher trainees, it gives linguistic arguments only as background when necessary. It does not contain much of the phonological argumentation that is normally required at university level. The treatment is selective: it concentrates on the difficulties of Hungarian learners, while it often ignores things that are not important from a Hungarian point of view. The three main fields covered are _phonetics_, _phonology_, and _spelling_ (or "letter-to-sound rules"). These contribute about equally to a good pronunciation, and to good pronunciation teaching, therefore they are given about equal weight. There is less emphasis on phonetics proper than traditionally (i.e. less detail of articulation and methods to eliminate a foreign accent), while more than usual is spent on rules of phonology, and even more on letter-to-sound rules. The book uses the Gimson transcription, explaining the logic (and some of the limitations) of that system. There are twelve expositive chapters, serving as a syllabus of a one-term lecture course. "Questions for Revision" are provided at the end of each chapter, and a detailed Bibliography appears at the beginning of the volume. The book is based on British pronunciation (RP).