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Lisa Gardner - Crash ​& Burn
My ​name is Nicky Frank. Except, most likely, it isn’t. Nicole Frank shouldn’t have been able to survive the car accident, much less crawl up the steep ravine. Not in the dark, not in the rain, not with her injuries. But one thought allows her to defy the odds and flag down help: Vero. I’m looking for a little girl. I have to save her. Except, most likely, she doesn’t exist. Sergeant Wyatt Foster is frustrated when even the search dogs can’t find any trace of the mysterious missing child. Until Nicky’s husband, Thomas, arrives with a host of shattering revelations: Nicole Frank suffers from a rare brain injury and the police shouldn’t trust anything she says. My husband claims he’ll do anything to save me. Except, most likely, he can’t. Who is Nicky Frank, and what happened the night her car sailed off the road? Was it a random accident or something more sinister given the woman’s lack of family and no close friends? The deeper Wyatt digs, the more concerned he becomes. Because it turns out, in the past few months, Nicky has suffered from more than one close accident. . . . In fact, it would appear someone very much wants her dead. This is my life. Except, most likely, it’s not. Now watch me crash and burn.

Lisa Gardner - Right ​Behind You
Is ​he a hero? Eight years ago, Sharlah May Nash’s older brother beat their drunken father to death with a baseball bat in order to save both of their lives. Now thirteen years old, Sharlah has finally moved on. About to be adopted by retired FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his partner, Rainie Conner, Sharlah loves one thing best about her new family: They are all experts on monsters. Is he a killer? Then the call comes in. A double murder at a local gas station, followed by reports of an armed suspect shooting his way through the wilds of Oregon. As Quincy and Rainie race to assist, they are forced to confront mounting evidence: The shooter may very well be Sharlah’s older brother, Telly Ray Nash, and it appears his killing spree has only just begun. All she knows for sure: He’s back. As the clock winds down on a massive hunt for Telly, Quincy and Rainie must answer two critical questions: Why after eight years has this young man started killing again? And what does this mean for Sharlah? Once upon a time, Sharlah’s big brother saved her life. Now, she has two questions of her own: Is her brother a hero or a killer? And how much will it cost her new family before they learn the final, shattering truth? Because as Sharlah knows all too well, the biggest danger is the one standing right behind you.

Lisa Gardner - Touch ​& Go
This ​is my family: Vanished without a trace… Justin and Libby Denbe have the kind of life that looks good in the pages of a glossy magazine. A beautiful fifteen-year old daughter, Ashlyn. A gorgeous brownstone on a tree-lined street in Boston’s elite Back Bay neighborhood. A great marriage, admired by friends and family. A perfect life. This is what I know: Pain has a flavor… When investigator Tessa Leoni arrives at the crime scene in the Denbes’ home, she finds scuff marks on the floor and Taser confetti in the foyer. The family appears to have been abducted, with only a pile of their most personal possessions remaining behind. No witnesses, no ransom demands, no motive. Just an entire family, vanished without a trace. This is what I fear: The worst is yet to come… Tessa knows better than anyone that even the most perfect facades can hide the darkest secrets. Now she must race against the clock to uncover the Denbes’ innermost dealings, a complex tangle of friendships and betrayal, big business and small sacrifices. Who would want to kidnap such a perfect little family? And how far would such a person be willing to go? This is the truth: Love, safety, family…it is all touch and go.

Lisa Gardner - Fear ​Nothing
_In ​#1 New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner’s latest pulse-pounding thriller, Detective D._ _D. Warren must face a new fear as a serial killer terrorizes Boston._ _My name is Dr. Adeline Glen. Due to a genetic condition, I can’t feel pain. I never have. I_ _never will. _ The last thing Boston Detective D. D. Warren remembers is walking the crime scene after dark. Then, a creaking floorboard, a low voice crooning in her ear. . . . She is later told she managed to discharge her weapon three times. All she knows is that she is seriously injured, unable to move her left arm, unable to return to work. _My sister is Shana Day, a notorious murderer who first killed at fourteen. Incarcerated for_ _thirty years, she has now murdered more people while in prison than she did as a free_ _woman._ Six weeks later, a second woman is discovered murdered in her own bed, her room containing the same calling cards from the first: a bottle of champagne and a single red rose. The only person who may have seen the killer: Detective D. D. Warren, who still can’t lift her child, load her gun, or recall a single detail from the night that may have cost her everything. _Our father was Harry Day, an infamous serial killer who buried young women beneath the_ _floor of our home. He has been dead for forty years. Except the Rose Killer knows things_ _about my father he shouldn’t. My sister claims she can help catch him. I think just_ _because I can’t feel pain doesn’t mean my family can’t hurt me._ D.D. may not be back on the job, but she is back on the hunt. Because the Rose Killer isn’t just targeting lone women, he is targeting D.D. And D.D. knows there is only one way to take him down: _Fear nothing._

Lisa Gardner - A ​kamra
Innen ​nincs menekvés… Itt senki nem hallja, ha segítségért kiáltasz… A gyilkosod tudja, hová bújtál… Bobby Dodge ujja a ravaszon. Puskájának célkeresztjében az a fegyveres férfi, aki bostoni lakásában saját családját ejtette túszul. Nincs idő, a férfi bármelyik pillanatban ölhet. Bobby tüzet nyit, és egy életre megbánja tettét. A forróvérű Catherine férjét megölték. Apósa őt okolja fia haláláért, és unokája különös betegségéért. A nőt egy hónapon át egy föld alatti kamrában tartották fogva, megalázták és kínozták. A rémálomért valakinek felelnie kell. A szadista gyilkos az utcákat járja. Túlélte a legkegyetlenebb börtönéveket, és most bosszúra szomjazik. Bobby és Catherine véletlen találkozásának nagy ára van. Szenvedély és szenvedés. A gyilkos pedig úgy mozgatja a szálakat, hogy mindenki gyanús, mindenki retteg, és a félelem úgy zár magába, akár egy sötétkamra. Lisa Gardner egyike korunk legnevesebb krimiszerzőinek. Művei számos országban vezetik a sikerlistákat. Akciódús és félelmetes regényei nem várt fordulatokkal, lélektani mélységgel és tökéletes bűntényekkel kápráztatják el olvasóikat.

Lisa Gardner - Hide
'I ​can't afford to come back from the dead.' Annabelle has had many names in her life - Sally, Cindy, Lucille. Though her father moved her from city to city from the age of ten, changing names, houses, careers and histories every few months, Annabelle never knew what they were running from. Now in her thirties, with both parents dead, she's settled in Boston. But old habits die hard and she still looks over her shoulder when she leaves her apartment, still blends in with the crowd on the subway. Then at the Boston State Mental Hospital a multiple grave is discovered. Six young girls left to die in an underground chamber decades ago, while their captor looked on. When her original name appears in the paper, wrongly identifying her as one of the dead girls, Annabelle finally knows. This was the work of the monster her father fled from. But the killer is still on the loose. And he's looked for her for a very long time. Bobby Dodge has been haunted by the Catherine Gagnon case for years. It nearly cost him his job and his sanity. As a child, Catherine was also held prisoner underground, like the victims in this latest case. But Catherine's captor was in prison when these girls were taken. Yet the similarities are too numerous to be just coincidence...

Lisa Gardner - Alone
Alone... ​Massachusetts State Trooper Bobby Dodge watches a tense hostage standoff unfold through the scope of his sniper rifle. Just across the street, in wealthy Back Bay, Boston, an armed man has barricaded himself with his wife and child. The man’s finger tightens on the trigger and Dodge has only a split second to react... and forever pay the consequences. Alone... that’s where the nightmare began for cool, beautiful, and dangerously sexy Catherine Rose Gagnon. Twenty-five years ago, she was buried underground during a month-long nightmare of abduction and abuse. Now her husband has just been killed. Her father-in-law, the powerful Judge Gagnon, blames Catherine for his son’s death... and for the series of unexplained illnesses that have sent her own young son repeatedly to the hospital. Alone... a madman survived solitary confinement in a maximum security prison where he’d done hard time for the most sadistic of crimes. Now he walks the streets a free man, invisible, anonymous... and filled with an unquenchable rage for vengeance. What brings them together is a moment of violence - but what connects them is a passion far deeper and much more dangerous. For a killer is loose who’s woven such an intricate web of evil that no one is above suspicion, no one is beyond harm, and no one will see death coming until it has them cornered, helpless, and alone.

Lisa Gardner - Gone
From ​New York Times bestseller Lisa Gardner, author of Alone and The Killing Hour, comes a thriller that goes from heartbreaking to heartstopping in the blink of an eye.… When someone you love vanishes without a trace, how far would you go to get them back? For ex-FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, it’s the beginning of his worst nightmare: a car abandoned on a desolate stretch of Oregon highway, engine running, purse on the driver’s seat. And his estranged wife, Rainie Conner, gone, leaving no clue to her fate. Did one of the ghosts from Rainie’s troubled past finally catch up with her? Or could her disappearance be the result of one of the cases they’d been working–a particularly vicious double homicide or the possible abuse of a deeply disturbed child Rainie took too close to heart? Together with his daughter, FBI agent Kimberly Quincy, Pierce is battling the local authorities, racing against time, and frantically searching for answers to all the questions he’s been afraid to ask. One man knows what happened that night. Adopting the alias of a killer caught eighty years before, he has already contacted the press. His terms are clear: he wants money, he wants power, he wants celebrity. And if he doesn’t get what he wants, Rainie will be gone for good. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it’s still not enough. As the clock winds down on a terrifying deadline, Pierce plunges headlong into the most desperate hunt of his life, into the shattering search for a killer, a lethal truth, and for the love of his life, who may forever be…gone.

Lisa Gardner - Love ​You More
WHO ​DO YOU LOVE? One question, a split-second decision, and Brian Darby lies dead on the kitchen floor. His wife, state police trooper Tessa Leoni, claims to have shot him in self-defense, and bears the bruises to back up her tale. For veteran detective D. D. Warren it should be an open-and-shut case. But where is their six-year-old daughter? AND HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO . . . As the homicide investigation ratchets into a frantic statewide search for a missing child, D. D. Warren must partner with former lover Bobby Dodge to break through the blue wall of police brotherhood, seeking to understand the inner workings of a trooper’s mind while also unearthing family secrets. Would a trained police officer truly shoot her own husband? And would a mother harm her own child? . . . TO SAVE HER? For Tessa Leoni, the worst has not yet happened. She is walking a tightrope, with nowhere to turn, no one to trust, as the clock ticks down to a terrifying deadline. She has one goal in sight, and she will use every ounce of her training, every trick at her disposal, to do what must be done. No sacrifice is too great, no action unthinkable. A mother knows who she loves. And all others will be made to pay.

Lisa Gardner - Nem ​bújhatsz el
Hiába ​is zárod be az ajtókat… Az a korábbi ügy kis híján a vesztét okozta. Most felfedeztek egy földalatti kamrát, melynek szörnyű titka feltámasztani látszik a múlt kísérteteit. Bobby Dodge-nak, a Massachusettsi Állami Rendőrség nyomozójának nincsen más segítsége, csak egy fiatal lány, akinek az élete – mióta az eszét tudja – szüntelen menekülés és bujkálás. Hiába is hagyod égve a lámpát… Gyermekkora városok és álnevek elmosódó sorozata. De ki – vagy mi – elől menekül Annabelle Granger családja? Hogy megválaszolhassa a kérdést, Bobbynak szövetkeznie kell volt szerelmével és kolléganőjével, D. D. Warren őrmesterrel, valamint fel kell kutatnia egy nőt a múltjából, aki legalább olyan veszélyes, mint az új gyilkos. A nyomok egy hátborzongató helyre vezetnek, ahol senkiben nem lehet bízni…és ahol nincs hová bújni. A gyilkos tudja, hol keressen. Egy gyilkos, akit nem lehet megállítani… Egy gyilkos, akit senki nem ismer… Egy gyilkos, aki talán pont melletted áll… Nincs hova bújnod.