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Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​- Super Explosive Demon Story 7.
Lina ​Inverse, a wandering sorceress and bandit-killer, joins forces with roving swordsman Gourry Gabriev in what's supposed to be a quick union of convenience.

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers: ​Premium
All ​Lina and Gourry want is to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner at a world-famous restaurant. But when a vicious sea monster prevents fisherman from catching fresh and tasty fish, Lina and Gourry decide to take matters into their own hands.

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​- Super-Explosive Demon Story 2.
LINA ​INVERSE has found the root of all evil in the world... and it all has to do with the mysterous metal known as ORIHALCON. Everyone wants to get their hands on it, and only Lina and her swordman companion GOURRY stand between the mystical substance and the certain destruction of the world.

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers: ​The Ruby Eye
Lina ​Inverse doesn't like to brag, but she's a genius sorceress, invincible warrior, and a legend in her own lunchtime. Lina's also in need of some cold cash. When she comes across some stolen loot, she figures the thieves won't mind sharing. But it turns out that Lina also snags a secret hidden in the booty... And now everyone's out to see if she's got the goods!

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​- Super-Explosive Demon Story 1.
Despite ​her tender age, 15-year-old LINA INVERSE is already a master sorceress, known throughout the land for her skills and powerand the fact that her heroic deeds are usually more destructive than the foes she battles against! Teamed with GOURRY GABRIEV, a swordsman supreme who is dumb as a stump, Lina travels the land in search of fame, fortune and free food.

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers: ​The Sorcerer Of Atlas
The ​chairman of the Sorcerer's Guild has disappeared, and Tarim the Violet and Daymia the Blue are now vying to fill the coveted seat. With conflict and corruption littering the campaign trail, Lina and Gourry are recruited to maintain homeland security. Along the way, our heroes make some startling discoveries: A mysterious man at the bottom of a pool, a human-like chunk of meat, and, to top it off, a headless body. Sharpen your swords and rub your magic stones- Atlas City is one crazy town!

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​Special 1.
Lina ​Inverse, the precocious and dangerous sorceress, has teamed up with the barbaric and busty Naga The Whitet Serpent. Join them as they fight through a medieval world of monsters, mayhem and monkey buisness!

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​Return
Metal ​Maidens Lina's on a search for the mysterious Elvin metal, Orihalcon... but this time the treasure holds a disturbing secret that could destroy all creation. Will Lina and Naga the White Serpent be able to save the day? Will the consequences be... hilarious?

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​Special 4.
The ​charming prestidigitating duo are back - and wherever they go, hilarity is sure to follow. Naga is missing and Lina...could care less?! Find out the mystery behind Naga's disappearance! The final volume of Slayers Special has off the wall action and comedy as you like it!

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​- Super-Explosive Demon Story 3.
Has ​Gourry fallen to his death? Who is Zelgadis? Can the mysterious Red-Robed Rezo possibly help Lina out of this jam? It's more action and laughs from everyone's favorite adolescent sorceress Lina Inverse!

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​Special 3.
All ​your favorite sword and sorcery cliches are lampooned in this latest action-packed tale starring Lina and Naga! We All Get Crazy Sometimes, but Lina and Naga are NUTS. They're especially batty about treasure and they're positively bananas for a good meal. Join the maddest sorceresses this side of Middle Earth as they meet teachers, beach bunnies, suitors and thieves.

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​- Super-Explosive Demon Story 6.
All ​Lina Inverse wanted to do was take a nice relaxing bath at the local hot springs. The next thing she knows, she's attacked by a talking bear, angry demons are after her hide, and she's separated from her faithful companions Gourry, Amelia and Zelgadis. Worst of all, it seems that all-powerful Rezo the Red Priest has returned to exact his final revenge on Lina. But Rezo is dead.. isn't he?

Hajime Kanzaka - Slayers ​Special 2.
Lina ​and Naga are back... and pandemonium is sure to follow. Join them as they take on ninjas, clones and lovesick fanboys in a fantasy world gone bananas!