J. C. Locher könyvei a rukkolán

J. C. Locher - The ​World of M. C. Escher
This ​Book includes the most important of Escher's prints. we have omitted the less important work to clarify the impression formed by the entire oeuvre. Drawings and studies, as well as objects, illustrations, and applied works, are also represented. The prints ,drawings, and other works are given in exact chronological sequence, exept for the colorplates and in occasional cases where early drawings, used later for a print, have been placed near the corresponding print. Unless otherwise noted, all the works belong to the Escher Foundation, wich has loaned its collection for an unlimited period to the Geementemuseum, the Hague. Signature and dating are mentioned only where they form part the print. All sizes are given in millimeters and inches, and height precedes widht. The Number of impressions in an edition of a print is not given because it is difficult to determine exactly how many were made-for many of the prints from the period after 1937 hundreds of impressions were made, whereas the early prints usually had between thirty and fifty impressions to an edition.