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Josephine Cox - Outcast
On a fateful night in 1860, Thadius Grady realises, too late, that he has made a grave mistake. In blind faith he has put himself and his daughter Emma at the mercy of his sister and her conniving husband, Caleb Crowther - for he has entrusted to them his entire fortune and the daughter he adores. With his dying breath he pleads to see his daughter one last time - but Caleb's heart is made of stone. A feared Lancashire Justice, Caleb Crowther is a womaniser and a gambler, and now the inheritance due to Emma is as much in his hands as is the beautiful Emma Grady herself. But Caleb lives in fear of the past, for how did Emma's mother mysteriously die? And what made Thadius and Caleb hate the river people so intensely? History seems likely to repeat itself when Emma falls helplessly in love with Marlow Tanner, a young bargee. For Marlow and Emma, it is an impossible love - a love made in Heaven, but which could carry them both to Hell...

Josephine Cox - The Journey
This bestseller from the country’s number one storyteller is a deeply moving and powerful tale of love and courage and a sacrifice no man should be asked to make. Three strangers are thrown together by chance. It’s an encounter which is destined to change all of their lives for ever. When Ben Morris comes to the aid of Lucy Baker and her daughter Mary, he is intrigued by the story behind their frequent visits to the local graveyard. Later, invited into their home, an old Edwardian place suffused with secrets of the past, Ben hears Lucy’s remarkable tale – one she must tell before it’s too late. The story of Barney Davidson, his family and the part Lucy played in his extraordinary life, is one of a deep, abiding love and an incredible sacrifice.

Josephine Cox - Tomorrow ​the World
Bridget ​Mulligan loves her husband. He is caring, loyal and dependable - everything a woman could ask for. But she can't quite forget Harry - the one that got away - and when a snow storm drives her into his arms, the inevitable happens. Nine months later a child is born. Overcome with remorse, Bridget is determined that her husband should know the truth, but her confession can lead only to heartbreak. Although he allows his wife and her child to continue living in his home, Tom Mulligan makes it clear that their marriage is over. Lonely and afraid, Bridget finds comfort in the friendship of Fanny, a feisty young mother who knows what it is to be alone. But Bridget's life can never be complete until she has the love of the only man she ever really wanted...

Josephine Cox - The ​Gilded Cage
Powerful, ​hard-hearted Leonard Mears ruthlessly presides over his wife and children, exiling them from the outside world and brutally punishing any disobedience. But he is also a man with a dark secret; an illegitimate daughter that he forced his sister to bring up. The girl is now a young woman who, unbeknown to him, is determined to find the father that abandoned her. James Peterson, a gifted young man, runs Mear's factory with more success than Leonard's own sons. He lives for the day he can have his own business and make his fortune. Only then will he be able to declare his love for beautiful Isabel Mears who he means to release from the gilded cage her father has created. But then the lonely, lovely Sally comes in to his life, turning his heart and dreams upside down.

Josephine Cox - Csavargók
5. ​rész - A romantikus regényfolyam ötödik története 1886-ban játszódik az angliai Blackburnban. Emma Grady, sikeres üzletasszony és boldog feleség, első és igaz szerelme, Marlow Tanner oldalán. Kisfiuk, Bill mintegy megkoronázza ezt a példás házasságot. Emma lánya, Molly azonban egy nyomornegyedben tengeti. Emma, aki rég halottnak hiszi lányát, Mollyt, természetesen nem tud semmit gyermeke sanyarú sorsáról. Időközben megjelenik a színen Emma nagybátyja, minden baj okozója, a gonosz Caleb Crowther, és ekkor ismét szörnyű dolgok történnek a családban…

Josephine Cox - The ​Runaway Woman
About ​the Book Those looking in from the outside think Lucy Lovejoy’s life is like any other, but at the centre of her family there is a big empty hole where all the love and warmth should be. Over the years, her children have watched while their father chipped away at Lucy’s self-confidence. Now the children are following their own paths, and Lucy has never felt more alone. When tragedy strikes at the heart of the family, it’s a wake-up call for Lucy. Everyone has taken a little piece of her, and she isn’t sure who she is anymore. So when Lucy faces a betrayal from those she loves deepest, she knows that it’s time to make a choice. Is she brave enough to find herself again?

Josephine Cox - Szerezd ​meg ezt a nőt!
Blackburn, ​1947. A tizennégy éves Laura Blake házuk szűk nappalijában végignézi apja haldoklását. Az édesapjának még van annyi ideje, hogy elmondja, szerinte a lánya sokra viszi az életben. Laura nem felejti el szavait. A sikerhez vezető út azonban rögösnek bizonyul. Szűk sikátorokban húzza a szekerét, kiselejtezett holmikat árul, hogy eltarthassa a családját, és közben eleget tanul ahhoz, hogy nagybátyja bútorüzletében kezdjen dolgozni. A sors még egy kegyetlen csapást mér rá: brutálisan megerőszakolják. Titokban hordja ki támadója gyerekét, és megesküszik rá, hogy ezért az igazságtalanságért megfizet a világnak. Ahogy felnő és szépsége kivirul, úgy keményedik rajta a védőpáncél. Ez segíti hozz, hogy a régiségkereskedelemben szép pályát fusson be. Érzelmi életében azonban tovább botladozik, és mielőtt megtalálná a boldogságot, meg kell szabadulni a múltjától, és meg kell tanulnia éppúgy, mint kapni. Sokféleképpen lehet megszerezni egy nőt. Laurát megerőszakolták, azután elárulták. Hihet-e még a szerelemben?

Josephine Cox - Családi ​boldogság
Az ​Emma Grady sorozat befejező része. Tovább gyűrűzik a családi dráma. Molly kértségbeesetten keresi a kiutat üldözött helyzetéből, de egyre mélyebbre süllyed, míg szerelme Mick Darcy lélekszakadva kutat utána. Caleb Crowther keze végül eléri és bosszúja elől senki nem menekülhet. Vajon a Tanner család képes lesz-e megküzdeni a köztiszteletben álló bíróval? Mindezt megtudhatjátok az Emma Grady sorozat befejező részéből.

Josephine Cox - Bad ​Boy Jack
Unable ​to raise his children alone, Robert Sullivan abandons them, and Jack and Nancy go to a brutal children's home, where Jack's temper lands him in trouble and they are separated. Meanwhile, Robert is recovering from an accident, wondering if he will ever see them and Mary, his only love, again.

Josephine Cox - Divorced ​and Deadly
A ​light-hearted and comic romp from the nation’s favourite storyteller and author of The Loner. Footloose, fancy free and ready to get back in the game, newly divorced Ben is back home with mum which is just where she wants him. But best mate Dickie has other ideas, and soon they are sharing a flat, up to all sorts and plotting Ben's future romantic adventures. But being single isn't all it's cracked up to be. Ben staggers from one disaster to another – all under the beady gaze of his ex, who may not want him but doesn't want anyone else to have him either! And then there's Ben's co-worker Poppy, who seems very interested in his escapades too – could she have plans of her own? Laugh-out-loud funny and based on true stories that you just couldn't make up, Divorced and Deadly is the perfect feel-good read.

Josephine Cox - Blood ​Brothers
Alice ​Jacobs has finally found the family she always wanted… With her shy smile and kind nature, Alice wins the hearts of the Arnold family. A decent and well respected couple,Tom and Nancy Arnold have raised two very different sons, Frank and Joe. Frank is a devious, brutal man. Seeing Alice as the key to his fortune, he is determined to have her for himself. However, his younger brother Joe has fallen in love with Alice, so when she and Frank become engaged to marry, Joe leaves home, determined to put a distance between himself and temptation. He reluctantly returns when Frank summons him to be his best man. Alice finds herself inexplicably drawn to Joe, but feeling it to be her duty, she goes ahead and marries Frank, not wishing to hurt him. On their wedding night Frank shows his true colours and when he forces Alice to reveal a devastating secret, his evil nature reaps a shocking revenge. In his blind hatred, intent on punishing those who have crossed him, Frank plans the final, ultimate retribution. An act that could tear apart not only the Arnold family, but shatter the lives of those around them forever. Unless someone can stop him …

Josephine Cox - Outcast ​/ Alley Urchin / Vagabonds
The ​continuing story of Emma Grady, transported to Australia for a crime she didn't commit. She marries her employer, but her heart still belongs to Marlow Tanner and her baby is growing up an urchin back home in Blackburn. The author's other novels include "Her Father's Sins" and "Outcast".

Josephine Cox - A ​boldogság
A ​többkötetesre duzzadt romantikus regényfolyam legújabb történetében a főszereplő, Emma Grady – házassága folytán – Mrs. Thomas lesz. Az Ausztráliában új életet kezdett Emmából kitűnő üzletasszony válik. Eközben halottnak hitt kislánya, Molly, a London külvárosában élő utcagyerek elveszíti nevelőanyját, Sal Tannert, akit édesanyjaként szeretett. Mostmár igazi árvaként, felügyelet nélkül nől fel, amikor egy minden hájjal megkent férfi anyává teszi. Az apa továbbáll és ezután Molly egyedül neveli gyermekét. Édesanyja, Emma – aki időközben megözvegyült – ismét találkozik szerelmével…

Josephine Cox - A ​kitaszított
1. ​rész - A regényben Dickens korának Angliája elevenedik meg előttünk. Caleb Crowther, Blackburn városka ellenszenves bírája sógora halála után megörökli annak jólmenő textilgyárát. Gyámleánya, Emma Grady már alig emlékszik - a gyermekkorában rejtélyes körülmények között meghalt - édesanyjára. Caleb - érthetetlen módon - egyre szenvedélyesebben gyűlöli a kedves és bájos Emmát, aki nem érti, hogy mi lehet az oka az ellenszenvnek, ám mindvégig apja végakaratának kíván engedelmeskedni; legyen jó kisleánya Calebnak. A másik végső kérést azonban nem tudja megfejteni; a folyóparti "bárkás" férfiakat messze kerülje el. Éppen ezért bűntudat ébred benne, amikor beleszeret Marlow Tannerbe, a folyami hajóslegénybe...

Josephine Cox - Somewhere, ​Someday
Kelly ​knew that, although Barney would always love her, his restless soul would never allow him to stay, but she could never have envisaged how his leaving would alter her life. Alone once more, Kelly finds herself remembering the past: in particular, what happened in the autumn of 1877 and how it destroyed her family. Filled with regrets and wishes that life may have been different, Kelly begins to see that she must confront her past - and only then will she finally be free.

Josephine Cox - Her ​Father's Sins
Queenie ​seemed born to suffer. Her mam died giving birth to her, her drunken father George Kenney ignored her unless he was cursing her, and only beloved Auntie Biddy provided an anchor for the little girl. Growing up in post-war Blackburn, life could be tough when Biddy had to take in washing to make ends meet - at a time when the washing machine began to gain popularity. After Auntie Biddy's death there was only Queenie to care for the home and to earn money, and no one to protect her from the father who blamed his daughter for her mother's death. But Queenie was resilient. And in spite of hardship, she grew up tall and strikingly beautiful with her deep grey eyes and her abundant honey-coloured hair. Love, in the shape of Rick Marsden, might have released her from the burden of the drink-sodden George. But the sins of the fathers would not be easily forgotten...

Josephine Cox - The ​Beachcomber
Another ​page-turning story of tragedy and triumph from the No.1 bestselling author of The Loner and The Journey. In the summer of 1952, two lonely people arrive in the pretty seaside hamlet of West Bay. Strangers coming from very different backgrounds, they are there for the same reasons: to find peace of mind and the chance to start a new life. Tom Arnold has abandoned all his possessions and walked away from a highly paid job. A year ago, he had a wife and two beautiful children, when suddenly his world was turned upside-down. The car he was driving with his family was deliberately run off the road high above the cliffs. He was the only survivor. The driver – who Tom is sure intended to kill them all – has never been found. Kathy Wilson has tried to cling on to her zest for life through times of pain and loneliness. Recovering from her divorce, she seeks comfort in the arms of other men. But a shocking, revealing row with her mother is the final straw, and when she inherits a rundown house in West Bay, she flees to Dorset. For both Tom and Kathy, it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet even now, someone means to undermine their search for happiness. People are jealous. And a brutal killer is still on the loose… Suddenly West Bay is no longer the peaceful place it seemed…

Josephine Cox - Let ​It Shine
Ada ​Williams once believed money and power would bring her happiness. But now she is all alone except for her greedy son Peter, who waits only for the day he will inherit her fortune. Ada, however, has a different plan altogether. A few miles away in Blackburn, the Bolton family may be poor - but the love they share means they can overcome almost any adversity. But no one could foresee the shocking events of Christmas night, 1932, which split the family asunder, leaving Larry crippled and the twins, Ellie and Betsy, in a foster home. Events that began many years ago, when Ada Williams was young and foolish.

Josephine Cox - A ​Time For Us
Lucy ​Nolan is the golden girl. The only daughter of local grocers, Sally and Mike Nolan, she's grown up in a home of total love and security. The one thing her heart desires is that Jack Hanson might ask her to marry him, and when he does eventually propose, Lucy is prepared to give up everything to be with him - even though it means leaving her beloved parents to live abroad where Jack has been offered an exciting business opportunity. But then, almost on the eve of the marriage itself, tragedy strikes. And for the first time in her life, Lucy is forced to realise that Fate, which has been so kind to her, can also be just as cruel.

Josephine Cox - Live ​The Dream
In ​a 1930's setting, Live The Dream tells the story of three people caught up in a tangle of love and hatred, which threatens to tear them apart forever. Handsome, wealthy and fair-minded, Luke Hammond could have the world at his feet. Instead, he has the world on his shoulders. Consumed by sadness, Luke's only respite from his respectable life is on a Tuesday, when he heads off to seek solace in a hideaway deep in the calm heart of the woods. Locked in his thoughts and dreams, living his humble 'Tuesday' life, Luke's quiet sadness intrigues Amy Maitland, a bright young woman whom Luke seems at first not to notice. Amy finds herself wondering more and more about this elusive man. But Amy worries too about Daisy, her beloved best friend, who masks the misery of a difficult home life behind her carefree hilarity. Amy knows that under the bravado and humour there is a desperate woman, searching for stability and love -- seemingly at any cost. Calling Luke her 'Tuesday Man', Daisy falls head over heels in love with him. Although he's aloof and appears to have little time for romance, she means to have him.

Josephine Cox - The ​Loner
Young ​Davie Adams is all alone. Devastated, he flees his hometown of Blackburn to escape the memories of the worst night of his life. With little more than the shirt on his back he sets off on a lonely, friendless road, determined to find his father. Two people are stricken by his departure – Judy, his childhood friend who is desperate to reveal a secret she has kept close to her heart for so long, and Joseph, his grandfather, who is racked with guilt about that fateful night. Exhausted and afraid, Davie finds friendship and a place to stay but when fate deals him another disastrous blow, he must decide whether to keep running or return to face his demons…

Josephine Cox - Jinnie
Ten ​years ago, Louise Hunter's life was torn apart by tragedy. Her husband, Ben, killed himself; her brother-in-law was murdered; and her sister, Susan, abandoned her new-born daughter, revealing the baby is Ben's child. Louise remains haunted by guilt over the one night she spent with Ben's friend Eric, and refuses to return Eric's love. But after adopting Jinnie, she finds new happiness—until Susan decides she wants Jinnie back.

Josephine Cox - Az ​utcagyerek
3. ​rész - A regényfolyam harmadik történetében a főhősnő, Emma Grady az ausztráliai fegyenctelepen dolgozik. Főnöke, az özvegységre jutott Roland Thomas megkéri a dolgos lány kezét. Emma még csak nem is sejti, hogy elveszettnek hitt lányát, Mollyt, sógornője, Sal Tanner szegénységben ám nagy szeretettel neveli, Angliában. A nyomornegyedben – ahol Molly utcagyerekként éli életét – egy napon elegáns hintó tűnik fel, utasa Caleb Crowther, Emma gonosz gyámapja, aki a Tanner testvérek után nyomoz…

Josephine Cox - Journey's ​End
It ​has been more than twenty years since Vicky Maitland last set foot on English soil. Two decades ago she left the city of Liverpool with her three children-;leaving behind the husband she dearly loved, who had cruelly and inexplicably turned against them all-;to begin a new life in America. Now nervous and apprehensive, with a fateful letter burning a hole in her pocket, Vicky has finally come home in search of the truth and the shattering secrets behind Barney's shocking betrayal-;secrets only Vicky's old friend, Lucy Baker, knows but swore never to reveal...

Josephine Cox - Utazás
Vannak, ​akik mindent feláldoznának a szerelemért… Ben Morris-t lenyűgözi a csinos Mary Baker és édesanyja, Lucy, akik láthatólag titokzatosan viselkednek újdonsült barátjuk előtt. Amikor aztán a fiatalember vacsorameghívást kap a két hölgytől, feltárul a titok: Lucy fiatalkorának szenvedélyes és fordulatos története, amely egyedülálló utazás a kitartás, és a halhatatlan szerelem útján… Három idegen, akiket a sors összehoz, és e találkozás megváltoztatja az életüket. Az angol irodalom talán első számú bestseller szerzője most először jelenik meg magyarul. Megindító történetei az embert letaglózó vagy éppen felemelő szerelemről, sorsfordító döntésekről, titkokról és ígéretekről szólnak, amelyek nemzedékeken és kontinenseken átívelve alakítják sorsunkat. Az utazás Josephine Cox egyik legmegrázóbb története, világsikerű romantikus regényeinek legjobbja.

Josephine Cox - Váltsd ​valóra az álmod!
JOSEPHINE ​COX legújabb bestsellere egy szerelmi háromszög felkavaró története. Luke csinos, gazdag és sikeres, bolondulnak érte a nők. Ő mégis akkor érzi jól magát, amikor elmenekülhet a nyomasztó gondok elől, és a világtól elvonultan tölthet egy napot. Amy pont a talányosságot, a különcséget találja vonzónak a férfiban, miközben nagyvilági barátnőjét Daisyt próbálja kirángatni a válságból. Amire nem számít, hogy pont a legjobb barátnő és a kiszemelt férfi esnek szerelembe, keresztülhúzva az ő számításait... JOSEPHINE COX Az Utazás világszerte népszerű írónője harmadik regényével ismét magasra tette a mércét, és a romantikus irodalom egyik legérzelmesebb és legigazabb könyvét írta meg.

Josephine Cox - A ​remény
2. ​rész - 1860-ban egy szörnyű éjszakán Thadius Grady túl későn döbben rá, hogy végzetes hibát követett el. Vakon megbízott nővérében és annak elvetemült férjében Caleb Crowtherben – a kezükbe adta magát és imádott lányát, Emmát, rájuk bízta a teljes vagyonát. Halálos ágyán még egyszer látni szeretné a lányát, de a kőszívű Caleb megtagadja ezt az utolsó kívánságot is. A rettegett lanceshire-i bíró, Caleb Crowther, híhedt nőcsábász és szerencsejátékos, és most az ő kezébe kerül nemcsak az örökség, de maga a gyönyörű Emma Grady is. Caleb azonban retteg a múlttól, hiszen Emma anyja különös körülmények között vesztette életét. Vajon miért gyűlöli annyira a folyami hajósokat Thadius és Caleb? Úgy tűnik a múlt megismétlődik, amikor Emma reménytelen szerelemre gyullad Marlow Tanner, egy fiatal bárkás iránt. Ám kettejüknek nem lehet közös jövője – a szerelmük bár az égben kötettett, mindkettőjüket pokolra juttathatja…

Josephine Cox - Az ​utazás vége
Húsz ​év telt el azóta, hogy Vicky elhagyta szülőföldjét, és három gyermekével Liverpoolból Amerikába költözött egy új élet reményében. Egy hosszú utazás azonban nemcsak a távolság legyőzése, de önmagunk megismerése, múltunk lezárása és a titkok felfedésének ideje is egyben. Miért hagyta el valójában Vicky férje, Barney, a családját oly kegyetlenül? Vicky egykori barátnője, Lucy tudja, mi történt valójában. Ő azonban ígéretet tett a férfinak, hogy sosem árulja el a titkát. Elérkezett az idő, hogy megtörje hallgatását és előálljon az igazsággal, még akkor is, ha az igazság fájdalmas... Miközben a múlt árnyai kísértik Lucyt, mások bosszúra készülnek, hogy elégtételt vegyenek sérelmeikért...