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Jenna Wolfhart - Bound ​by Stone
A ​new enemy haunts our every step. When a kiss turns one of my gargoyle guardians into stone, I'm determined to make things right. There's only one way I can save him. I must find the one who bound him to his oath and force her to reverse the spell. But when we finally track her down, we soon discover that all is not what it seems. There's a darker power behind Jasper's fate, one that comes straight from the realm of the gods. If we don't defeat our newest enemy, the entire mortal realm could fall. Bound by Stone is the third book in a reverse harem urban fantasy series full of magic, danger, and romance.

Jenna Wolfhart - Court ​of Ruins
In ​a war-torn land, love is always a lie. Reyna Darragh despises the scheming ways of the fae courts--she’d rather be on the battlefield. But as the daughter of a High King, her hand in marriage can end the war faster than her sword. So, with her realm in tatters, she agrees to marry her enemy, Prince Thane. The very same prince who killed hundreds of her kind during the war. Because Reyna has a far greater scheme in mind. To save her kingdom from the vicious prince, she plans to marry him, make him king, and then murder him, so that she can take the throne herself. But as she grows closer to securing the crown, traitorous desire stirs. Beyond the storm of passion, intrigue, and betrayal, a greater evil rises in a forgotten realm. In the end, Reyna can help stop it, but she must decide where her loyalties lie: with her duty to her kingdom, or with the vengeance in her heart. Court of Ruins is the first book in The Fallen Fae, an epic fantasy series packed with romance, magic, and intrigue, and perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, C. L. Wilson, and Laura Thalassa.

Jenna Wolfhart - Witch's ​Blade
The ​demon war is coming. On Enforcer probation after going against the Magister's orders, I'm in serious need of some action, preferably of the sexy vampire-warlock variety. But when a group of rebel mages forces me to break into the Blood Coven's castle and steal a powerful rune, things don't go quite as planned. Now, the Blood Coven wants to hunt me down, my best friend has been captured by rebels, and the reports of demon attacks are growing every day. There's only one hope in all of this. The Witch's Blade, a weapon that can destroy the demons once and for all and save humanity from eternal damnation. The only problem? To get it, I may have to betray my coven and everyone I love.

Jenna Wolfhart - A ​Song of Shadows
My ​new life at Otherworld Academy went from not-so-normal to downright-crazy fast. My best friend got turned into a shapeshifting beast, the Autumn Court tried to launch an assassination on the changelings, and I can somehow tap into the powers of all four courts. And that's not including my insanely attractive fae instructors who make me feel like the temperature has gone up a thousand degrees. But even though things were crazy before, it was nothing on how they are now. Danger lurks in every corner, new threats are closing in, and the storms are only growing larger. Now, I must learn to harness my powers with my four fae instructors, not only to save the changelings but the entirety of the faerie realm.

Jenna Wolfhart - Wings ​of Stone
Magic ​is dying. And I’m the only one who can stop it. Human. Weak. Sick. That’s what I’ve been told I am all my life. But when magic hunters attack the castle where I’ve been kept hidden since birth, I discover my whole world is built on lies. Because the hunters are after me. Running for my life, I’m rescued by four dangerously handsome gargoyle shifters. They say they’re here to save me…but maybe they only want to save themselves. Because, as it turns out, I’m not merely human. I am a Protector of Magic—if I die, magic will vanish from the world. And my four winged guardians will turn to stone forever. Wings of Stone is the first book in a new reverse harem urban fantasy series full of romance, danger, and magic.

Jenna Wolfhart - Ruinous
My ​name is Erela, which means angel. Literally. As a member of the Michael family, I've always been destined to join the Order of the Seraphim, the highest and most prestigious angelic warrior class, on my eighteenth birthday. But then I make a hell of a mistake the night before my induction ceremony by pissing off a tricksy archdemon. As revenge, he plonks me right into the middle of the Order of the Fallen, the worst possible place for an honorable celestial warrior like me. Mostly because I find myself surrounded by four dangerously wicked—and, let's face it, hot—fallen angels who want to tempt me to stray from my path. Now, I must find a way out of this hellhole so I can get back home and fulfill my fate as a warrior against evil. Unfortunately, the four devious males have no intention of making it easy on me. In more ways than one. And, if I give in to my growing desires, I will never be able to join the Order of the Seraphim. Or even go home at all. Instead, I will fall. Ruinous is a full-length reverse harem fantasy novel.

Jenna Wolfhart - Nebulous
Whoops. ​Turns out I wasn’t so good at the whole “resist the seductive fallen angels” thing. Now, I’m stuck on earth and I’ve become a full-fledged member of the Order of the Fallen. Our first task? Find the amulet that was used to open a portal to hell. And then close said portal pronto. If we don’t succeed, an entire host of demons will be unleashed upon humanity. Looks like my fellow angel warriors (or friends…or, dare I hope, lovers?) and I have our work cut out for us. Nebulous is a full-length reverse harem fantasy novel and is the second book in the Order of the Fallen series.

Jenna Wolfhart - A ​Dance with Darkness
I’ve ​always felt like an outsider. Until my eighteenth birthday, I didn’t know how true that was. First, I started seeing strange things. Then, the tips of my ears began to shift. Now, even touching something made of iron makes me sick. Am I losing my mind? When four mysterious fae males corner me in the street, they bring terrifying news: I’m not human. I’m a changeling, a fae swapped at birth. Under their powerful yet infuriating guidance, I return to Otherworld to train at their academy and determine to which of the four faerie courts I belong. But there’s something much more dangerous than the four fae vying for my attention. And if I don’t unravel the fae’s secrets, none of the changelings will survive. Including me.

Jenna Wolfhart - Witch's ​Curse
Wanted: ​Magically Armed and Dangerous. Ever since my parents died in the demon war, I’ve paid my way through life by using magic to con people. It’s not right, but a girl’s gotta do what she can to survive. Unfortunately, my latest con has left me smack dab in the middle of a murder scene. Now, a coven of angry mages thinks I’m the killer. In order to clear my name, I have to team up with an infuriatingly sexy warlock whose powers are far darker than he admits. Throw in a string of related murders and a vexed vampire clan, and I’m up to my eyeballs in danger. But that's not even the worst of it. When I get too close to the real killer, he casts a life-threatening curse on my grandmother. Before, I just wanted to save my own butt, but now I’ll do whatever it takes to track him down—even if it means following him through monstrous dimensions. Because I don’t play nice with magic. And when you mess with Grandma, you become #1 on my sh*t list.

Jenna Wolfhart - A ​Heart of Midnight
The ​Battle for the Crown is over, and the time has finally come for Taveon to take his rightful place on the throne. But nothing is ever simple in the Dark Fae realm. A strange and twisted curse befalls the Court, assassins lurk behind every corner, and a dangerous new shapeshifter has joined the Academy, an alluring male who either wants me dead or in his bed. Maybe both. With the entire Court under siege, it is up to me to find the cure to the curse. If I don't, the entire realm will fall into chaos. And I'll never see Rafe or Taveon again.

Jenna Wolfhart - Witch's ​Fury
The ​demons are stronger than ever. And their master is coming for me. A shadow mage has stolen the Witch’s Blade, the only weapon that can save this world from being ravaged by demons. Worse, the murderous warlock behind it all keeps sending assassins to kill me. Not to mention the truce with the vampires is broken, our inter-coven war has resulted in countless fatalities, and there are no longer enough mages alive to fight against our true enemies. There’s only one way to save the world. I must track down the Witch’s Blade and use it to close the veil between the demon realm and ours. Once and for all. Because if I don’t, humanity will be forever doomed.

Jenna Wolfhart - Prince ​of Shadows
Before ​Lorcan Rothach became a spy inside an enemy court, he was the forgotten son of a self-appointed king. His father, obsessed with siring a powerful hybrid, had discarded him at birth. For years, Lorcan hid in the grasslands, poor and hungry…and happy. Until the day he was remembered. Forced to return to the shadow lands, Lorcan was crowned prince and forever bound to his father’s every command. His first loathsome task: lie his way into the Air Court and help destroy his mother’s people. But Lorcan did not know the worst of it yet. Years later, an even more heartless command would come. And the prince of shadows would betray the one he loved. Prince of Shadows is a 20,000 word novella and Book 1.5 in The Fallen Fae series.

Jenna Wolfhart - Kingdom ​in Exile
A ​promise is as deadly as a sword. Once a Shieldmaiden for her beloved kingdom, now Princess Reyna Darragh is nothing more than a captive of the exiled Shadow Court. The shadow fae believe in strange visions that foretell of the upcoming war. If Reyna helps them, they will win. If she refuses, their realm will fall. The High King gives her an ultimatum. She must become his warrior, or he will kill Princess Eislyn. Reyna has no choice but to kneel to the cruel king. She would do anything to save her sister, even fight by the side of her former lover. The one who betrayed her. Meanwhile, the plague-like Ruin continues to spread throughout the lands, destroying everything it touches. Faced with danger on all sides, Reyna fights to protect everything she holds dear: her sister, her kingdom in the north, and her own shattered heart.

Jenna Wolfhart - Shadows ​of Stone
The ​final battle for magic has arrived. We've learned the truth about the magic hunters. Without their knowledge, they're being controlled by Eris, the goddess of strife and discord. She intends to steal my magic so she can control the mortal realm. There's only one way we can stop her. My gorgeous gargoyle mates and I must find the Harp of Reese, the only object in existence that can trap a goddess for eternity. We just have to hope she doesn't find it first. Shadows of Stone is the fourth and final book in the Protectors of Magic, a reverse harem series full of magic, danger, and romance.

Jenna Wolfhart - Carved ​in Stone
The ​hunters think I'm dead. For now. Well, it turns out I'm a demigoddess. The only being in the world who can save magic from being completely destroyed. Unfortunately, I don't have the sword that can unlock my true potential, which means I'm not doing any saving anytime soon. So, when the Blood Coven extends a heartbreaking yet tempting offer--my sword in exchange for one of my hot and caring gargoyle guardians--I accept. Saying goodbye feels like a stab in the heart, but I don't have any other choice. Magic must be saved. But when we arrive at the coven's castle to make the exchange, we soon discover that we've walked straight into a trap. And if we can't escape within the next three days, the City of Wings will fall, along with every supernatural life within it. Carved in Stone is the second book in a new reverse harem urban fantasy full of magic, danger, and romance.

Jenna Wolfhart - Witch's ​Storm
Darkness ​threatens to destroy the world. And it’s lurking within myself. As a new Enforcer for the Bone Coven, my mission is to protect the world from supernatural assaults. So, when several blood mages end up dead, I join forces with my sexy half-warlock, half-vampire partner in order to track down the killer. But as the investigation drags on, the body count continues to rise. To make matters worse, demons who are immune to my coven’s spells are prowling the city streets hunting for prey. Their strength is growing, and they have their sights set on destroying the veil. Now, there’s only one way to stop the killer and banish the demons back into their realm. I must finally give into the dark magic that simmers deep within me, threatening to destroy my soul. But will the world survive if I do?

Jenna Wolfhart - A ​Cage of Moonlight
There ​are three important things you should know about me. First, I’m a shapeshifter. Second, I’ve got claws, and I know how to use them. And third, I’d do anything to save the ones I love. Which is how I’ve ended up as a slave for the Dark Fae, forced to train at their academy and become a deadly assassin that will fight for their cause. But all I want to do is fight my captors instead. And the worst part of it all? The four infuriating, dangerous, and incredibly seductive fae who have taken it upon themselves to make my life a living hell. They want to rile me up. They want to see me fail. But I’m no damsel in distress. Let the games begin. A Cage of Moonlight is a full-length novel and the first in a new reverse harem fantasy series. This is a spin-off of the bestselling Otherworld Academy trilogy.

Jenna Wolfhart - A ​Touch of Starlight
After ​discovering my true heritage, I’m finally back to training at the academy so that I can become the powerful fae I was always meant to be. My four seductive instructors are by my side, and the realm is finally healing after years of conflict between the courts. Until one of the fae at the academy is murdered…and then another. It looks like the killer is a dangerous wolf-like beast, one lashing out at random victims by instinct. But I’m not convinced. Storms are brewing in the skies once again. Shadows loom on the horizon. The Dark Fae are coming. And they’re coming for me. A Touch of Starlight is the third and final book in the spellbinding Otherworld Academy series.

Jenna Wolfhart - Keeper ​of Storms
As ​a new king rises, kingdoms will fall. As a warrior princess, Reyna Darragh has always preferred the blade to boring courtly politics. Swords are fun. Intrigue isn’t. But with every kingdom in Tir Na Nog poised for battle, she fears this might be the war that ends them all. Torn from Lorcan’s side, she seeks a way back to him, but hundreds of warships stand in her way, as does her cruel deal with Seelie. They can never be together, not while her world-shattering power storms through her veins. As kingdoms rise and fall, Unseelie spreads his power throughout the realms, awakening chaos. The dark god has a greater plan in mind than war. And if Reyna does not stop him, Tir Na Nog will be lost forever.