Judit Berg könyvei a rukkolán

Judit Berg - Rumini ​in Hoarfrost Colony
The ​second book in the Rumini series will keep you feverishly turning the pages to see how Rumini fares in his continued travels. The Queen of the Winds has set sail again, bearing strange cargo and even stranger passengers to the northernmost reaches of Hoarfrost Colony, where hapless ships risk being crushed in the ice of the frozen seas. After a savage attack by a flock of black seagulls, Rumini finds evidence of a devious plot by the ship’s passengers… Adventures awaits as Rumini sets sail with the rest of the crew for the enchanting, rugged lands of the north, where he finds new foes and makes new friends.

Judit Berg - Rumini ​and the Four Sceptres
Rumini ​the ingenious little mouse now sails west on the Qeen of the Winds. Four nations live on the islands of the Golden Sea: the beavers, the snakes, the turtles and the creatures of light. These nations have lived in peace, but now one of the kings wants to conquer his fomer allies with a sordid ruse. Rumini and his friend find themselves in the middle of the striefe. It soon turns out that their only hope to get home is if by turning against the conqueror they help to bring peace to the four nations of the Beaver Alliance. But what can they do when their own mates become the enemy?

Judit Berg - Rumini
Prepare ​to set sail on a journey of magic and excitement in a story filled with thrilling characters and daring deeds. Rumini, the new deckhand on the Queen of the Winds, soon makes close friends and becomes a hero, using his wits to outsmart pirates, sea monsters, and all manner of devious villains. In Rumini's world, nothing is quite as it seems at first. There are hidden dangers around every corner and valient deeds to be done. Join Rumini as he travels from the narrow alleys of Mouseville through the treacherous Dragon Straits and down the twisting streets of a famous bazaar. His story is your gateway into the world of a little mouse with the heart of a lion. Welcome, we have been expecting you! Let's set sail! Adventure ahoy!

Judit Berg - The ​Raven's Ring
'Then ​help us find the ring!' shouted back the owl. 'I suggest we all stop complaining, pull our socks up, and do something!' 'We don't wear any socks,' said the ox, but everyone ignored him. 'Does anyone know anything about the missing ring?' The owl looked around sternly. The animals all shook their heads, but then Blossom moved forward awkwardly. 'Yesterday I went for a wander around, that's why I didn't change back into stone like you.' 'How did you manage to move from this place?' yelled the black owl. 'I don't know. My legs just carried me off.' Blossom hung his head. 'I have an idea!' The grey owl raised a wing. 'There's a little girl who comes here, and she gave him a name! A statue that gets a name becomes stronger. That's why he could run off.' 'It's possible,' nodded the black owl grumpily. 'Anyway, tell us if you discovered anything while you were out there.'