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Garth Ennis - Jimmy's Bastards Volume 2
“Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.” – Leonardo da Vinci At the height of the Renaissance, warring factions vie for control of Leonardo da Vinci’s destructive arsenal. The only thing standing in their way is Leonardo’s young apprentice and her nine-foot tall mechanical bodyguard. Together, Isabel and the robot must navigate a world of wicked men and war machines, determined to save Leonardo from the world—and the world from Leonardo. From creators Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Chris Evenhuis (Wynona Earp) comes this swashbuckling adventure story about war, identity and the birth of the modern world! Monstro Mechanica Volume 1 contains the entire adventurous first arc, issues #1-5

Garth Ennis - Jimmy's Bastards Volume 1
Collecting the first five issues of this hit AfterShock series! Jimmy Regent, Britain's number one super-spy, has got it all: intrigue, adventure, a license to shoot whoever he likes and beautiful women falling at his feet. He also has a new partner who isn't quite as impressed by Jimmy as all other women appear to be. Now, there’s a price to pay for Jimmy's multiple romantic conquests — the results of which are about to come calling in the worst possible way... From the creator and writer of Preacher and The Boys comes the brand-new series that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics.

Garth Ennis - Dreaming Eagles
From GARTH ENNIS, the creator of the hit AMC television show PREACHER! Collecting the critically-acclaimed six issue limited series. Dreaming Eagles tells the story of the first African-American fighter pilots to join the United States Army Air Force in WWII and whose humble beginnings in Tuskegee, Alabama propelled them into the deadly skies above Adolf Hitler's Third Reich. Not only were they instrumental against the Nazi war machine, but also braved an equally great challenge, overcoming everyday bigotry amongst their fellow American soldiers as well as civilians at home. High in the heavens, they fought a battle that would change their country for all time.

Kia Asamiya - Garth Ennis - Jan Duursema - Scott Allie - Jason Hall - Star ​Wars Tales 11.
It ​can't be easy being Han Solo...one minute he's winning the Millennium Falcon from his buddy Lando, the next he's being chased across the galaxy by Boba Fett and running afoul of Darth Vader. It seems like Han is always getting into trouble, but it's nothing a resourceful guy like Solo can't handle. This issue of Star Wars Tales puts the spotlight on Mr. Solo featuring various adventures, including a rare "young Han Solo" tale by Jan Duursema! Adventure and mayhem abound in issue #11 of Star Wars Tales!

Garth Ennis - Punisher ​Max Complete Collection 1
When ​a mob hit killed his beloved wife and children, Frank Castle became the Punisher - an unstoppable one-man army waging war on every piece of criminal scum plaguing New York's streets. But do the Punisher's origins trace back even further? In 1971 Vietnam, Captain Castle's platoon faces a Viet Cong attack... and to survive, he must make a grim choice. Then, Punisher's old partner Microchip, long thought to be a casualty of Castle's war, resurfaces with a startling offer! Collecting: Born 1-4, Punisher (2004) 1-12

Garth Ennis - Hellblazer ​by Garth Ennis Omnibus
Written ​by Preacher co-creator Garth Ennis, Hellblazer by Garth Ennis Omnibus Vol. 1 collects the game changing stories that breathed new life into the fan favorite character, John Constantine. John Constantine is dying. As a sorcerer literally haunted by the demons of his past, John is no stranger to mystic bedevilment or supernatural horror. But it's his chain smoking that ultimately brings death to Constantine's front door. Between this, and investigations of a grisly serial murderer and strategies against the Lord of Hell, there is no rest for the wicked. Especially when your name is John Constantine. Written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher MAX) with art by fan favorites Steve Dillon (Preacher, Punisher MAX) Hellblazer by Garth Ennis Omnibus Vol. 1 brings together Ennis' entire run for the first time! Collects Hellblazer #41-50, #52-83, #129-131, Vertigo Jam #1, Hellblazer Special #1, Heartland #1, Vertigo: Winter's Edge #2

Garth Ennis - Jacen Burrows - Chronicles ​of Wormwood (1-6)
The ​Antichrist is among us, and he's neither ruling the world from a mountain of blood and skulls nor working at that Burger King around the corner where it takes 25 minutes to get an order of fries. Instead, he has abandoned his destiny, forsaken his father, and instead uses his powers to run a cable television empire, drink beer with a brain damaged Jesus, and bugger Joan of Arc. He also has a talking rabbit, and some sworn enemies: his dad, Satan himself and Pope Jacko with the perverse Catholic church. This is Garth Ennis' vision of the End Of Days, and while it's not strictly according to scripture, it's just as unwholesome, and far more fun. Ennis drags the whole world into the gutter with his trademark razor-sharp dialogue, biting wit, and the stunning art of Jacen Burrows.

Garth Ennis - World ​of Tanks: Citadel
Inspired ​by the online game World of Tanks, two tank crews-one German, one Soviet-fight for survival in the mighty Battle of Kursk, in this action-packed story of armored combat in World War II. A Russian tank crew begins an unwelcome mission in a very unwelcome Matilda tank, and soon find themselves at odds with both the war and each other. Meanwhile, two German tankers find themselves deep behind enemy lines--cut off, on their own, and without their beloved Panzer IV.

Garth Ennis - Preacher ​– Book Five
Writer ​Garth Ennis’s violent, scabrous journey across America’s religious landscape continues in this fifth hardcover volume. Preacher Jesse Custer’s dark journey to find God, accompanied by his gun-toting girlfriend and Irish vampire buddy, continues as Jesse becomes the sheriff of a troubled Texas town. Then, he decides it’s high time to renew his quest to find God and hold him accountable for all of his actions. But before he can continue down that path, he must reunite with his girlfriend, Tulip. Collects Preacher 41-54.

Garth Ennis - The ​Boys 4. - We Gotta Go Now
The ​fourth Dynamite collection of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys is here! All is not well with mysterious millionaire John Godolkin's band of misfits. Silver Kincaid, one of the original G-Men, has just committed suicide in the most public and grotesque way imaginable. That's not good news for Vought-American's number one franchise, with G-Force, G-Coast, G-Style, G-Wiz, the G-Brits and the G-Nomads all depending on their slice of the G-pie. There's far too much at stake for anyone to go poking around the G-Mansion now. Who knows what dirty secrets might be waiting down there in the dark? So it's just too bad that Butcher, Hughie, Mother's Milk, the Frenchman and the Female have decided to do precisely that. Even if they risk finally biting off much, much more than they can chew. The Boys, Vol. 4: We Gotta Go Now collects issues 23-30 of the acclaimed series and features a complete cover gallery including all of the alternate covers from the run (along with the covers by Darick Robertson, John Cassaday, Howard Chaykin, Garry Leach, David Lloyd, Dave Gibbons, Carlos Ezquerra, Steve Dillon and Jim Lee!

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher 3. - Business as Usual
Garth ​Ennis and Steve Dillon, the madmen who made Preacher a best-selling book, are back for another round. This time, they're taking Frank to South America, where he must rescue a Mafia don from angry guerilla fighters -- but if mercenaries don't kill the Mafioso, the Punisher just might do it himself. Includes Punisher (2001) #13-18.

Garth Ennis - Punisher: ​Soviet
Garth ​Ennis returns to the world of the Punisher! A dozen Russian mobsters lie dead at Frank Castle's feet...but he wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. You'd think that the Punisher would celebrate - but if you know Frank, you'll know that this unexpected turn of events just stirs up more questions. Who is Valery Stepanovich? Why did he mow down a room full of mobsters? These are questions Frank is going to answer - and then decide if Valery deserves his own punishment. But what will happen when these two criminal hunters come face-to-face? Seeds planted decades ago in Moscow and Afghanistan are about to bloom bloody in New York City in an all-new tale by the writer who gets Frank Castle like no other! COLLECTING: PUNISHER: SOVIET (2019) 1-6

Brian K. Vaughan - Garth Ennis - Jamie Delano - Vertigo ​4. - A világ végezetéig
Felnőtt ​képregény antológia. Három különböző képregényt tartalmaz. Yorick vonatra száll a barátaival. Az Amazonokkal a nyomában már egy iraki katonai vezető is tudomást szerez az egyetlen élő férfiről, és el akarja kapni, hogy háborús fegyverként használják fel. Constantin egy személyes ügyben nyomoz: az unokahúga tűnt el, és erősen szekta-jellege van a dolognak. Véget ér az első Prédikátor-történet: Jesse Custer leszámol mindenkivel.

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher 1. - Welcome Back, Frank
Contains ​material originally published in magazine form as Punisher #1-12"

Garth Ennis - Adventures ​in the Rifle Brigade
When ​all the chips are down, and it looks like the sun is about to set on old Blighty for good, there's only one team to call to keep Britannia ruling the waves: the Rifle Brigade - the most daring and insane band of commandos ever to hoist a Union Jack!

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher 6. - Confederacy of Dunces
The ​most deadly man in the Marvel Universe--The Punisher--might finally meet his match as the Man Without Fear, Daredevil, the Amazing Spider-Man, and the X-Men's Wolverine join forces to finally bring Frank Castle's killing spree to an end. Includes _Punisher_ (2001) #33-37.

Garth Ennis - Megtorló: ​Üdv újra itthon, Frank!
Frank ​Castle, a Megtorló hazatér New Yorkba, hogy folytassa a szervezett bűnözés elleni egyszemélyes bosszúhadjáratát, ezúttal a hírhedt Gnucci-klán ellen. A véreskezű öntörvénykezés eme kiemelkedő iskolapéldájában láthatjuk majd, ahogy Frank módszeresen eltakarítja a törvénytelen söpredéket az utcákról. A gyűjtemény a _The Punisher_ (3. széria) 1-6. számát tartalmazza.

Garth Ennis - The ​Authority: The Magnificent Kevin
Down-on-his-luck ​Special Air Service Corporal Kev Hawkins's life has been an interesting mix of surprises and disappointments. When the death of a close friend is revealed, Kev begins to entertain ideas of the futility and horror of the life he leads--until he gets a call from his boss. She's got another lethal mission for him that involves his least-favorite allies, The Authority, a super hero team dedicated to protecting Earth against threats of a global scale. This mission will lead Kev down the darkest path of his life and the outcome will have unexpected consequences!

Garth Ennis - The ​Boys Omnibus 3.
Read ​the series the Amazon Original show is based on! Dynamite's new compilation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's hit series The Boys continues with Volume 3, which includes both of the original volumes 5 & 6. An evil so profound it threatens all mankind! The mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all! A secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable! But have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico, and every other superhero on Earth team up for an annual event like no other - and where the superheroes go, can a certain "five complications and a dog" be far behind? But as the fun and games begin, it seems our heroes have set their sights on bigger game than usual. You can only maim and murder so many superheroes before someone decides to do something about it, and in The Boys' case that means Payback - a superteam of unimaginable power, second only to the mighty Seven. Pulping teenage supes is one thing, but how will our heroes fare against Soldier Boy, Mind-Droid, Swatto, the Crimson Countess, and the Nazi juggernaut known as Stormfront? Blood flies and bones shatter, as Butcher and company meet fire with fire.

Garth Ennis - Rover ​Red Charlie
Garth ​Ennis - the creator of Preacher and Crossed - delivers a story like no other, as an unlikely band of canines set out to survive in a world gone horribly mad. When a worldwide plague wipes out humanity, what happens to man's best friend? Charlie was a helper dog and he was good at it. Now he and his friends Rover and Red must escape the bloody city and find their way in this strange, master-less new world. Rover Red Charlie collects issues #1-6 of the comic book series.

Garth Ennis - Preacher ​– Book Three
Preacher ​Jesse Custer continues his dark journey to find God, accompanied by his gun-toting girlfriend and Irish vampire buddy. In the continuing saga of the bizarre adventures of faithless Texas preacher Jesse Custer, Jesse, along with his girlfriend Tulip and their friend Cassidy, the Irish vampire, head down South in hopes of recovering from their encounter with the forces of the Grail. But during their planned down time Jesse must face off against an enraged Arseface, who seeks to avenge his father's death, while Tulip deals with Cassidy's startling declaration of love for her. Also includes a special story spotlighting the Saint of Killers and the story of Cassidy's first and only encounter with his fellow vampires. Collects Preacher 27-33, Saint Of Killers 1-4 and Preacher Special: Cassidy - Blood And Whiskey.

Garth Ennis - Sara
NAZI ​OCCUPIED RUSSIA, 1942. FIGHT HARD. SHOOT STRAIGHT. DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOU ALIVE. SARA is a gripping war story following a team of female Russian snipers as they beat back the Nazi invaders during a brutal winter campaign on the WWII Eastern Front.

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher: Born
The ​year is 1971. With mounting casualties and a rising anti-war sentiment, America's time in Vietnam is coming to a close. Yet in the isolated Valley Forge Firebase on the Cambodian border, Captain Frank Castle is one of the few soldiers still committed to the fight against the enemy. With dwindling reserves, Castle must stand against an impending Viet Cong attack that threatens to wipe out the entire American platoon. To survive the battle, what grim decision must he make that will forever alter the course of his life? In this acclaimed tale, superstar Garth Ennis reveals the never-before-told story of the horrors Castle was forced to face to come home fromVietnam alive, ending in a shocking twist that will forever change how readers see Marvel Comics' most famous urban vigilante. Collecting BORN #1-4.

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher MAX By Garth Ennis Omnibus 1.
Hard-hitting ​Punisher tales by one of Frank Castle's signature writers! But do the Punisher's origins trace back even further than the fateful day in the park when he lost his family? In 1971 Vietnam, with his platoon under attack, Captain Castle must make a grim choice. And in the modern day, Punisher's old partner Microchip resurfaces with a startling offer! Nick Fury has a proposition, too - a dangerous mission involving a Siberian nuclear missile silo and a lethal retrovirus. But Castle's actions set off a chain reaction that will bring him into confl ict with a ruthless Russian general - and take the world to the brink of war. Plus, mobster Nicky Cavella returns to plague the Punisher - and a wave of violence rocks New York to its core! COLLECTING: BORN 1-4, PUNISHER (2004) 1-30

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher MAX 2. - Kitchen Irish
When ​a bomb explodes in a Hell's Kitchen pub, Frank Castle embarks on a deadly mission that pits him against two rival gangs. One thing is certain: The Punisher won't be pulling his punches! One of comics' most provocative writers takes one of comics' most provocative characters in a new direction - any direction he wants! Collecting _Punisher_ #7-12.

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher MAX 4. - Up is Down and Black is White
Uber-gangster ​Nicky Cavella is back with a vengeance - this time hitting Frank Castle where he least expects it - right in the black pit of his hardened heart. With an unspeakable act, Nicky will go right to the top of Frank's "to-do" list - and there's nowhere he'd rather be. Collects _Punisher_ #19-24.

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher MAX 3. - Mother Russia
Nick ​Fury's got a job that needs doing - in Russia. The kind of suicide mission any sane man wouldn't ponder for a second. And that's exactly why he needs the Punisher. Searching for a deadly retrovirus whose sale on the black market could bring the world to its knees, Frank Castle penetrates a Russian nuclear silo...and comes face-to-face with the Mongolian! Collects _Punisher_ #13-18.

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher MAX 8. - Widowmaker
Five ​women, linked by tragedy... and obsession. The Punisher killed their husbands - put them down like dogs - and shattered their lives. Now, they want payback, and they've hatched the perfect plan to get it. To bring the wolf to their door, all they need is bait. Collects _Punisher_ #43-49.

Garth Ennis - The ​Boys 6. - Self-Preservation Society
The ​sixth Dynamite collection of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys is here, with The Boys, Vol. 6: Self-Preservation Society! You can only maim and murder so many superheroes before someone decides to do something about it, and in The Boys' case that means Payback - a superteam of unimaginable power, second only to the mighty Seven. Pulping teenage supes is one thing, but how will our heroes fare against Soldier Boy, Mind-Droid, Swatto, the Crimson Countess, and the Nazi juggernaut known as Stormfront? Blood flies and bones shatter, as Butcher and company meet fire with fire. And in the origin tales of Mother's Milk, the Frenchman and the Female, Hughie learns of the strange paths by which this disparate trio came to join The Boys. From tragedy in Harlem to the slaughter on the Brooklyn Bridge, from the festival of Les Saints De Haw-Haw to the horror lurking under Tokyo, this is a journey of discovery like no other - with only the flickering lamp of insanity to light the way. The Boys, Vol. 6: Self-Preservation Society collects issues 31-38 of the New York Times Best-Selling series by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson and Judge Dredd co-creator, Carlos Ezquerra, and features all of the covers by Robertson!

Garth Ennis - The ​Punisher MAX 2.
Locked ​and loaded with a bevy of bonus material, this deluxe hardcover collects Punisher Max Vol. 3: Mother Russia and Punisher Max Vol. 4: Up Is Down And Black Is White. In Mother Russia, Nicky Fury's got an assignment that needs doing. It's the kind of suicide mission any sane person wouldn't ponder for a second. And there's only one man for the job: the Punisher. Searching for a deadly retrovirus whose sale on the black market could bring the world to its knees, Frank Castle penetrates a Russian nuclear silo... and comes face-to-face with the Mongolian! And in Up is down and Black is White, mobster Nicky Cavella finally figures out how you take down the Punisher. How you get under his skin. How you send Frank Castle over the edge. But when Cavella's scheme unleashes a wave of violence that rocks New York to its core, other predators start to come out of the darkness. There are scores to be settled. Blood to be spilled. When the world turns upside-down, will the killing and carnage ever end? Can even the Punisher go too far...?

Garth Ennis - The ​Shadow: The Fires Of Creation
Who ​knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows! It's 1938 and The Shadow returns in a tale of blazing action and deadly intrigue, as a night of carnage on the New York waterfront plunges the mysterious vigilante into a conspiracy involving the fate of the world itself. As storm clouds gather across the globe, American Military Intelligence meets with a certain Lamont Cranston, determined to beat a host of spies and assassins to the greatest prize of all... but what that might be, only the Shadow knows. Collecting the first six issues of the hit series written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Aaron Campbell, featuring a complete cover gallery with art by Alex Ross, Jae Lee, John Cassaday, Ryan Sook, Howard Chaykin, and more.

Brian K. Vaughan - Garth Ennis - Jamie Delano - Vertigo ​3. - Constantine / Y, az utolsó férfi / Prédikátor
Egy ​rejtélyes eredetű járvány minden előjel nélkül, néhány pillanat leforgása alatt elpusztítja a Föld bolygó összes, Y-kromoszómával rendelkező létformáját, embereket és állatokat egyaránt. Két kivétellel: megmagyarázhatatlan módon életben marad Yorick Brown, a kissé lúzer fiatalember és kezelhetetlen pártfogoltja, egy kis majom. Pedig Yorick első pillantásra semmit sem tud felmutatni, amiért a sors őt jelölte volna ki az emberi faj utolsó reményének. Hiába jóképű és szellemes, csak a popkultúrához ért, és még állása sincs, hacsak nem számítjuk profi szabadulóművészként szerzett ismereteit. Ráadásul a már emlegetett sors kegyetlenül megtréfálja: telefonon megkéri Beth, a messzi Ausztráliában tartózkodó barátnője kezét, de a választ már nem hallja, mert abban a pillanatban beüt a katasztrófa, és összeomlik a világ. Így kezdődik Yorick izgalmas zarándokútja, mely a lehető legkülönosebb helyszínekre és helyzetekbe sodorja. Hősünk eredetileg Ausztráliába akar eljutni, hogy megtudja, mi történt szerelmével, de egy posztapokaliptikus világban ez akkor se lenne egyszerű feladat, ha nem fenyegetné állandó életveszély. Yorick egzotikus ritkasággá vált, ezért gázmaszkban és köpenyben próbálja elkerülni, hogy eladják, megöljék vagy leteperjék. Puszta létezése azonban legalább akkora rejtély, mint a járvány, és hamar felbukkannak az üldözők is, a modern amazonok, valamint egy titkos társaság. Szerencsére akadnak segítői is, például a rejtélyes 355-ös ügynök és a csinos Dr. Mann, aki talán segíthet megfejteni, miért ez a két hímnemű egyed maradt életben a Földön - és mi okozta a katasztrófát.