The ​Long Lost Novel, which has achieved cult status in Japan

With Illustrations by the late Judy Watson

First ever English language edition

Forget Stepford Wives; this goes way beyond anything seen in Stepford.

The Three Laws of Feministics:

1. Your body is not your own; it belongs to another. Therefore you may not damage it nor, through inaction, allow it to be damaged.

2. You must obey all orders given you by your owner (or in cases of loss of ownership, by any man) even if such orders conflict with the First Law.

3. You may not injure any man, nor through failure to comply with the Second Law, cause him displeasure or mental injury.

Women as chattels, as customised sexslaves; bodies freakishly modified to their owners’ dictates, personalities preset to order. Welcome to the world of the Orgasmachine.

But Jade and Mari escape their masters and dream of revenge, of revolution, of freedom…

When part of the novel appeared as a self-contained story in an anthology, Will Self said of it:

“Watson’s word-painting may be of a distant future, when humans are `grown’ to certain sexual specifications, but the eerily empathetic personality of his heroine plugs us back into a grand tradition of literature that pits the naïve against the decadent. In her benighted progress, Jade seems to reprise… Pauline Réage’s anonymous love-object in The Story of O. And in creating a setting for his characters, Watson borrows the furniture of Surrealism to create a picture of a future that I feel would not have seemed anomalous or unbelievable to Kafka.”

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