It ​is 1891, and Léonie Vernier is a 17-year-old Parisian girl who lives with her mother and her brother Anatole in the same apartment building as the composer Claude Debussy. She unwittingly becomes swept up in events as a former love rival of her brother starts a whispering campaign against him. The pair retreat to the Carcassonne countryside to the abode of their aunt Isolde. Léonie discovers her dead uncle’s penchant for the paranormal via tarot cards and her brother re-discovers his aunt’s feminine charms.

That’s right, Anatole has been romantically involved with his aunt (not a blood relative, so no nasty in-breeding!). The retreat to the countryside has been a careful plot to reunite the two lovers and to remove Anatole from the vicious whispering campaign. Unfortunately, Isolde’s former lover bears a powerful grudge and has vowed to make the lovers pay for the hurt and humiliation they caused him.

Meanwhile, in the present day, young author Meredith Martin is traveling France to research her novel on Claude Debussy. She’s also trying to establish a mysterious link to her past in the form of a sepia tinged photo of a WWI soldier and a piece of music entitled Sepulchre 1871.

Meredith’s journey takes her to Carcassonne, to Isolde’s former home, now a hotel. There she discovers the truth about her ancestry and the dreadful events that unfolded at the Domaine De La Cade.

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