Sometimes ​hopes and dreams don’t go according to plan – sometimes, real life gets in the way…
It’s the late nineties and seven friends finishing college together in Dublin make a pact to meet up in five years and find out whether their predicted futures came true.
Who wants to be an environmentalist, and who dreams of being a famous sports star? Will Leah be a chef, Robin an accountant and Olivia the one who holds it all together?
But when we meet the gang years later it’s clear that life has not gone to plan.
Why is Robin in New York and determined never to return to Dublin? Why is Olivia grieving over a lost love? What happened to Andrew’s rugby career? And why does Leah feel so left out as she heads towards the big three-o?
When Robin is eventually forced to return home, the friends find themselves face to face with the past and nothing will ever be the same again. Sometimes it’s best to never say never….

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