In ​this popular Dahl story, George creates a very special medicine to cure his grandma of her nasty habits. It features a great new Quentin Blake cover as well as a whole new exciting end section about Roald Dahl and his world.

George’s grandmother was a grumpy and selfish old lady. Whenever his parents were at home, his grandmother would treat him nicely. However when his parents went out, she would ill treated him.

One day, his grandmother forced him to eat cabbages four times a day with bugs. George did not like his grandmother. In fact he hated her. So he decided to make a medicine to change his grandmother’s attitude. He added things such as a bottle of golden hair shampoo, super foam shaving soap, vitamin enriched face cream, nail varnish, hair remover and many others into the medicine he was making. Then he poured the deep blue mixture into a saucepan. As his grandmother medicine was brown in colour, he added a tin of brown paint into it. The colour blended so well that his grandmother drank it without noticing it. . All of a sudden, she floated into the mid-air and then began to swell. Then, she started growing taller and taller till her head came out of the roof. When George’s parents came back, they were shocked! After.George explained what had happened, his greedy father quickly bought all the ingredients that George used to make the medicine from a shop. He wanted his son, George, to be famous by selling the marvellous medicine he made. When George’s father came back, they started to make more medicine. But George could not remember what he had added into the medicine. George’s grandmoher was so impatient that she snatched the medicine and drank it. Immediately, she shrank back to her normal height. BUT…… she continue to shrink because she had taken fifty spoonful instead of one!!! Then she was no bigger than a pin, then the size of a pumpkin seed. Finally she continue to shrink till she disappered !!! .

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