Rosemarie ​Schuder came from a middle-class family in Jena. She attended a girls’ school and took the Abitur in 1947. Subsequently she worked as a freelance journalist for the East German newspaper Tägliche Rundschau and Neue Zeit. She interned for hands on experience at the Jena Glassworks in 1952. From 1957 to 1959, she underwent a study abroad in Italy. Since 1958, she has been married to writer Rudolf Hirsch and lives as a freelance writer in Berlin.
Rosemarie Schuder was the writer of numerous historical novels in which she dealt with primarily themes from German history like the Münster Rebellion of 1534 or the fate of important people like Paracelsus, Johannes Kepler and Michelangelo.
Rosemarie Schuder belonged to the P.E.N.-Zentrum of East Germany since 1978 being a member of the PEN-Zentrums Deutschland as well as the Deutsche Schillergesellschaft. Since 1951 she belonged to the Ost-CDU ending with her withdrawal from the party in March 1990. She received the 1958 Heinrich Mann Prize, the National Prize of East Germany in each 1969, 1978 and 1988, the 1976 Lion Feuchtwanger Prize as well as the 1988 Goethe Prize of the East German Capital.

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