J.R.R. ​Tolkien’s masterpieces, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, are among the most beloved books published in the twentieth century. And Tolkien’s mythology has informed popular entertainment across all media — from television’s Star Trek to Led Zeppelin’s lyrics to the good versus evil themes of the Star Wars films. Now his influence carries on into the twenty-first century with the magical whimsy of Harry Potter. Tolkien: A Biography presents the man behind the myth. This fascinating and poignant portrait of Middle-earth’s creator reveals the author’s early childhood, tainted by the tragic deaths of his parents; the horrors he experienced as a soldier in the trenches of World War I; his career as one of England’s most prominent scholars in the halls of Oxford University; his friendship with fellow author C.S. Lewis and the founding of the Inklings group; how The Lord of the Rings was usurped by the 1960s counterculture movement only to bestow unwanted wealth and fame upon Tolkien — and how, three decades after his death, his greatest work was translated into a trilogy of blockbuster films converting new fans to an ever-increasing legion of devotees. Book jacket.

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