Until ​now, the world’s temperate conifers have never in a single publication, in a standardized format, been depicted in photographs taken from natural habitats. The authors traveled the world over 4 decades to document temperate woody plants for a planned Dendrological Atlas. The 2-volume Conifers Around the World will appeal to a wide range of readers, from scholars to armchair travelers. The conifers are presented by geographical region, offering an account of their natural distribution. Starting in Europe (including North Africa, Anatolia, and Macaronesia), the reader is invited to follow the conifers through Asia, then to the Americas (explored from west to east and then south), and finally to Australia+Tasmania and New Zealand. The two hardcover volumes (9 × 12") offer the reader over 3700 color photographs in 1089 pages, including: 1) An in-depth, richly illustrated introduction to conifer conservation, classification, morphology, climate, and distribution 2) A 44-page chapter on the 7 conifer families and 56 genera discussed in the book, including 1300 detail drawings and 6 pages of illustrations depicting pollen cones from each genus 3) 175 habitat photographs showing the most representative and picturesque conifer habitats on 6 continents 4) 474 distribution maps showing the natural range of each taxon 5) A Bark Gallery with 646 color photographs The species plates (541 species, subspecies, and varieties covered) are arranged geographically into 11 regions, each plate with 3–5 detail photos that highlight the most characteristic features of the taxon and one image showing each in its natural habitat. A brief text accompanying each plate provides essential descriptive and historical information. The Appendix in Volume 2 includes images and concise descriptions of 28 additional taxa, followed by a glossary, and extensive list of references, lists of the covered conifers by scientific and common names, and a quick finder index.

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