Dear ​God, what had she done?

The anger had gotten away from Amelia. She’d fought all her life to control this strange simmering aggression she felt bubbling just beneath the skin. She’d always won that battle – until that Sunday afternoon when the beast within took hold, leaving her mother’s face scarred by claws – Amelia’s claws. She’d turned into a bear.

Freedom doesn’t bring peace.

Darrell Holden is a free man, no longer interred in a camp with his shifter relatives in Labrador. Though the nightmares are less frequent, he still aches for something more – for something to feel like home. Blackrock feels safe, but when a panicked, naked woman comes careening out of the woods, fresh from a shift, Darrell sees his quiet rural life turned upside down.

No one has ever felt like Darrell Holden

Amelia feels drawn to Darrell, instantly. Unlike all other men, he feels strong, powerful – and he’s not afraid of her. Yet she can’t give into these passions, she has bigger fish to fry. She has to find her biological parents.

With each new lead, she finds herself at yet another dead end, and a new fury to set her off. She’s losing the battle with the beast more and more. It’s only a matter of time before she shifts again – but what if next time, the damage is irreparable?

Can Darrell soothe Amelia’s wild soul long enough for her to find answers, or will her inner beast take over and ruin them both?

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