Charlotte ​Brontë lives a secluded life in the wilds of Yorkshire with her sisters Emily and Anne, their drug addicted brother Branwell, and an eccentric father who is going blind.

Charlotte and her sisters each possess a passionate side which they reveal only in their writings, creating Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, two of the world’s most beloved novels. At the same time, Charlotte Brontë dreams of a real love story as fiery as the ones she creates.

“I have written about the joys of love. I have, in my secret heart, long dreamt of an intimate connection with a man; every Jane, I believe, deserves her Rochester.”

When an impassioned proposal throws Charlotte’s household into confusion, she takes up her pen to examine the truth about her life… exposing her deepest feelings and desires, her triumphs and shattering disappointments, the inspiration behind her work, and her scandalous, secret passion for the man she can never have – the man who was the basis for all the heroes in her books, including Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre.

Above all, this romantic novel – which is based on a true story – gives us an extensive look into Charlotte’s turbulent relationship with the man she came to deeply love: the handsome Irishman, Mr. Arthur Bell Nichols.

“Who is this man who has dared to ask for my hand? Why is my father so dead set against him? Why are half the residents of Haworth determined to lynch him – or shoot him?”

The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë is a powerfully compelling, intensely researched literary feat that weaves historical fact with imagination, to explore the passionate heart and unquiet soul of Charlotte Brontë.

It is Charlotte’s story, just as she might have written it herself.

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