The ​habit of silence is hard to break.

Isolated by a cold and lonely past, David was on his own until Seth came along. Together they’ve forged a life full of love, friendship, and scorching hot sex. But just days before Christmas, David discovers a long buried secret that sheds new light on the father who rejected him.

The revelation dredges up painful memories and threatens to exile him to an icy land of silence. When Seth opens their home to a young man in trouble, David withdraws even more in a misguided effort to deal with his confusion and jealousy. The fact that the bookshop he’s worked at since high school is in danger of closing just makes everything worse. Seth wants him to talk about his problems, but what good are words when they can’t pierce his unresolved grief?

Seth is worried about David. Something’s wrong and he won’t talk about it. Day by day, he’s closing himself off, and everything Seth does to try to reach him just drives them further apart. As the holiday’s approach, both men will learn valuable lessons from unexpected sources, but the most important will be the secret to melting a frozen heart.

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