Barbara Taylor Bradford, the internationally beloved bestselling author of A Woman of Substance, The Women in His Life, Remember, and other novels, now captivates us once again with Angel. A contemporary, compassionate drama, Angel probes the lives of four unforgettable characters. All were orphans when they met in their teens in the late seventies, and they vowed to be a family, bound to one another by a loyalty fiercer than friendship. Having entered adulthood with nothing, each of them has earned prominence, three in the dazzling world of international show business. But as the story unfolds, all of them find that they have broken their promises to one another, each in his or her own way. As they reunite at a film party in London, it is Rosalind Madigan who holds them together. An Academy Award-winning costume designer, Rosie, blessed with an innate goodness, is the Angel of the title. Despite her glittering success in European and American theater and film, Rosie is troubled by personal commitments that leave her feeling estranged from herself and from the friends who love her: . Gavin Ambrose, a Hollywood megastar, a brilliant actor and producer extraordinaire, whose personal life is not as successful as it appears to be on the surface. Nell Jeffrey, head of an international public relations firm and Rosie’s best friend, a glamorous woman with a secret love affair. Kevin Madigan, Rosie’s brother, an undercover cop in the NYPD Crime Intelligence Division who specializes in fighting organized crime, an assignment that threatens his life. Into their midst come a dashing French aristocrat, Guy de Montfleurie, and Johnny Fortune, the world’s most successful popular singer, and these twomen disrupt – and irrevocably transform -" the family." Moving from the streets of New York and the studios of Hollywood to the boulevards of Paris and a chateau in the Loire Valley, Angel takes us on an unforgettable journey of lost innocence. Told with the power that only Barb


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