The ​complex and delicate relationship between an ascetic and a prostitute is the central theme of this powerful and sensitive novel – a unique blend of love story, social commentary and spiritual essay, set against the raw and vibrant human landscape of Jaffa. “Lili is an ambitious, sweeping book, especially moving at the end… Shlomo Kalo is, obviously, a writer of talent, vision and significant accomplishment.” Daniel Menaker, HarperCollins, US “I read ‘Lili’ with great interest…I found it to be an emotionally-searing, thought-provoking read… it is a good read.” Kate Lyall Grant, Simon and Schuster, UK I read this with avid interest, and was truly captivated by the writing… the language has a rhythmical, soothing quality that makes the novel difficult to put down. Shaye Areheart, Crown, US "Impressive storytelling talent and realism… The novel’s structure and inner architecture are immaculate, and the plot, in spite of its contemplative quality, is suspenseful. It contains several human subtleties which the author delights in revealing. What makes “Lily” an interesting work is not solely its philosophical aspect or its literary aspect, but their integration. Arik Glessner, critic, Maariv, Israel Shlomo Kalo is thinker, novelist and one of the most prolific writers in Israel. Some of his 80 published fiction and non-fiction titles, written in a variety of genres and themes, have appeared in 16 countries.

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