Sophie ​Mills has worked her Manolo Blahniks off to reach the near-top of her profession. A highly successful corporate events planner, living with her cat Artemis in a designer flat she’s very happy with her life. After all, relationships only get in the way of work and as for children – she hasn’t even begun to think about that yet. Until one day, an unexpected visitor brings news that her best friend Carrie is dead, her husband Louis has disappeared and Sophie is in sole charge of two children under the age of six. But motherhood can’t be all that hard, can it? When her barely used Channel No.5 bubble bath is nearly empty, her make-up bag smeared all over the bathroom and her beloved flat reduced to a war zone, Sophie is in despair. And all her unconventional mother can suggest is Dr Roberts Complete Dog Training and Care Manuel. Determined to rise to the challenge Sophie soon realises that she’ll need more than a business plan to cope with all this…

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