For ​all those wishing to capture the essence and aesthetics of a location on camera, here is an opportunity to see the master of the art, Charlie Waite, at work and to benefit from his expert advice and infectious enthusiasm for his subject.
This collection of over 30 fascinating case studies first appeared in Outdoor Photography magazine, as part of their popular On Location series. They follow Charlie Waite as he visits some of the most stunning and photogenic sites around the United Kingdom with groups of amateur photographers, from mountains, to castles, to coastlines. The students bring with them a varying range of photographic experience, so there is practical, hands-on advice for those at all levels.
As well as inspiring examples of Charlie’s own images of each location, contrasted with each team member’s results from the day, there is information to help you plan your own visit, including how to get there, what to photograph, the best time of day to shoot and suitable equipment to take with you.
Charlie Waite is one of Europe’s best-known photographers, with a career that spans over 20 years. A former actor, he began photographing fellow thespians, before turning his attentions to the drama of landscapes when he was commissioned by The National Trust to provide photography for a book of walks. He has since photographed stunning locations around the world and his work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK, as well as in Japan and the United States.

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