AVALON ​- Erin has known from the time she was fifteen that she would die at the hands of a madman. So why risk falling in love? She does it anyway, against her will, but she refuses to let Seth know how much he means to her. Her time is running out, and she wants to save him the pain. THE EMPATH’S LOVER – When Jordan arrives at the airport earlier than expected, she can’t reach her fianc . She calls his brother-his twin-Angelo, to come and pick her up. Arriving home, they walk in on her fianc and her best friend in bed together. Angelo spirits her away and gives her the space she needs to think. Then he gives her every fantasy she’s ever had. There’s nothing like having a lover who knows exactly what you need-just by touching you. MYTHE: SATYR – Welcome to the world of Mythe, where mortals stumble and fall through the Gate into a world of elves, vampires, faeries.exotic lovers, noble heroes, and deadly magick. Pepper St. John is just your average, run of the mill witch who happened to fall through the Gate-straight into the arms of a man unlike any she had ever dreamed about. Review quotes for Mythe & Magick by Shiloh Walker “MYTHE AND MAGIC is another wonderful, unique, and satisfying novel from Shiloh Walker. Three extraordinary stories filled with magic, passion, and romance, each differs from the others, but all are of truly exceptional caliber.” Enya Adrian, Romance Reviews Today “Avalon is a gripping, suspenseful tale… The strength of the characters pulls you right into the story… Shiloh Walker’s writing is that she writes strong, passionate, multi-facetted characters that quickly become real to the reader, and Avalon is no exception.” Jane, Fallen Angel Reviews

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