For ​connoisseurs of the strange and fantastic, a new book by Jonathan Carroll is something to be both anticipated and savored. Ever since the publication of his celebrated first novel, The Land of Laughs, he has been delighting readers with his uniquely quirky characters and overflowing imagination. Authors such as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Ruth Rendell, and Pat Conroy have praised his work over the years. He creates worlds just around the courner from our own everyday lives, where the dead sometimes speak, where your best friend is transformed into something no longer human, or wher eyou canmeet earlier—and later—versions of yourself.

From the moment a three-legged dog limps into the comfortable life of Police Chief Frannie McCabe and drops dead at his feet, McCabe finds himself thrust into a new world of unaccountable miracles and disturbing wonders. The small town of Cran’es View, New York, has long been a reassuringly familiar place for Frannie, a haven full of small comforts and domestic harmony, but now he finds himself afflicted by strange and inexplicable omens, such as a mysterious, multicolored feather that keeps insinuating itself into his past, present, and future, all of which now converge to throw Frannie’s once ordinary life into doubt. Like it or not, Frannie has come face-to-face with the uncanny, and what he does over the next few days may have uncanny, and what he does over the next few days may have unforseen consequences for the entire world.

A rich stew of intrigue, wonder, and redemption, The Wooden Sea is Jonathan Carroll’s most ambitious and visionary work to date.

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