When ​Hope’s parents divorced two years ago, her life was turned upside down. To pass the time and avoid family issues, she took extra classes and graduated six months before turning eighteen. After being estranged for more than a year, her father moves back to their hometown. Hope is reluctant to visit him for the first time, but her mother insists.
The visit to his new mansion is not what she expected until she meets the secret guy living in the pool house.
A year ago, Chance Avery was on his way to a law degree courtesy of Penn State University, but something terrible happened. Chance has lost everyone in his life, except for his sister. When she moves to Virginia, he has no choice but to come along. With an agreement to renovate the Mansion, he gets to live in the pool house on the property. His life is boring and meaningless, until one day someone comes barging in his door.
When Hope and Chance run into each other again, they end up spending the night together, thinking they never have to see each other again. Then Hope finds out she has to move in with her father, who has already warned Chance that he is not allowed to touch his daughter.
Staying apart is a lot harder than either of them expected, and soon their feelings intensify to a breaking point, leaving them helplessly in love with one another. Will they be able to hide their relationship until Hope turns eighteen?

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