They ​are called the Dreamers.
They look like sleep ing children.
They are, in fact, Gods.
The Elder Gods crushed the Creature of the Wasteland beneath twin volcanoes dreamed into existence by a sleeping child who is not what he seems. The danger should be at an end. Then spies of very short stature start cropping up in Veltan’s green and peaceful domain. They look like people, or maybe they all look like the same person, but they are more sinister than any person could be.
The God Dahlaine brought the Dreamers into the world of the Elder Gods and now he wishes he’d thought harder about the consequences. He’d had no idea they would be so powerful.
It seems there is no limit to the havoc they can wreak. And it’s bad enough with them dreaming the future – at least it’s a future ­but what if someone else is actually controlling their dreams?
Dahlaine is soon on the scene riding his thunderbolt, the Dreamers are threatening to dream, invasion from beyond . the sea is rumoured, and war is about to happen…

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