In ​No Man’s Mistress, Mary Balogh finds the perfect match for reckless, passionate Lord Ferdinand Dudley, the younger brother of the masterful Duke of Tresham (hero of the author’s hardcover debut, More Than A Mistress. Pinewood Manor is not merely a home to Viola Thornhill. The charming estate, near a quiet little village in Somersetshire, represents security and freedom — a gift she’ll always treasure, from the one man who thought her worthy of the chance to start a new life free from the scandals of her past. For two years Viola has worked to make the neglected property productive and won the hearts of her new neighbors. Her only regret is that she welcomed Lord Ferdinand Dudley so warmly to her domain. Unfortunately, the charming lord possesses not only the good looks of a Byronic hero, but also the deed to Pinewood. Her cherished memories of his stolen kisses vanish the moment he declares that she has no claim to the estate and informs her that she has a week to vacate the premises. She refuses. He insists. And they both stubbornly decide to remain until the dispute is settled. As forced intimacy reveals their secrets, the attraction between them grows, and their situation becomes more impossible by the moment. She longs to hate him for his present claims. He wants to despise her for her past actions. But the one thing neither of them can deny is that they both want the one thing they cannot have: a future together.

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