In ​his second novel (after Snobs ), Oscar-winning screenwriter Fellowes (e.g., Gosford Park ) examines the lives of the debutantes and young aristocrats of 1960s England 40 years on. Damian Baxter is a self-made millionaire dying of cancer who for nearly 20 years has had in his possession an anonymous letter indicating that he fathered a child in the early 1970s, right around the time that his group of friends and lovers were breaking up and moving on, often to more unsatisfying lives. Wishing to leave his entire fortune to this child, Baxter asks his one-time friend, the novel’s narrator, to visit each of the women who might have written the letter. The narrator’s visits and flashbacks to their glory days make up the bulk of the novel. VERDICT While the American woman is a sad caricature, the rest of Fellowes’s players more than hold one’s attention and sympathy. An interesting reflection on how to cope (or in some cases, how not to cope) with the end of one’s era. Recommended.
[See Prepub Alert, LJ 5/15/09.]—Julie Elliott, Indiana Univ. Lib., South Bend
Szerkesztői ismertető – Library Journal vol. 134 iss. 12 p. 84 © 07/15/2009 — GoogleBooks

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