Straight ​from the Kitchen of Julia Child, here is a game plan for giving a perfect dinner party—in fact, six perfect little dinner parties. Whether it’s a full-dress party or an old-fashioned chicken dinner, now anyone can entertain without tears or tension.

The six superb menus in this book:
Dinner for the Boss (featuring a standing rib roast and ending with bourbon-soaked chocolate truffles)

Country Dinner (Mediterranean hors d’oeuvres, leek and rabbit pie, and ice cream-filled meringues)

Butterflied Pork for a Party (preceded by celery root remoulade and finishing with a gateau Mont-Saint-Michel)

Rack of Lamb for a Very Special Occasion (with artichoke scoops garnished with shellfish, and fresh strawberries and hazelnut cornucopias for a sweet ending)

Summer Dinner (individual chicken liver aspics, poached salmon steaks, and a savarin au rhum)

Old-Fashioned Chicken Dinner (with a chocolate bombe for dessert)

Each dinner is imaginative, often playful, and beautifully orchestrated. You’ll learn everything you need to know about ingredients, cooking techniques, planning ahead, and improvising leftovers so that each menu becomes a lesson in the art of preparing a small, elegant dinner that anyone can be proud of.

With 119 full-color photographs
This book and its companion—Julia’s Menus for Special Occasions feature the finest recipes from Julia Child & Company and Julia Child & More Company

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