Ghosts ​are the Dominion’s ultimate weapons – elite terran operatives capable of reading thoughts, becoming invisible, and much more. One location possesses the technology and expertise required to teach these mysterious individuals their unique and deadly talents: the Ghost Academy. Struggling to forget her harrowing past, Nova, a powerful psionic soldier-in-training, has found strength in her fellow trainees: Tosh, a hard-line Dominion supporter; Kath, a mouthy vice-president’s daughter; Delta, a bubbly newbie; and Lio, a scatter-brained technopath. Together, Nova and her teammates undergo brutal physical and psychological exercises as their unique telepathic and telekinetic powers are twisted to serve the Dominion. But while Nova grows stronger, her team begins to fall apart. Tosh’s admiration for Nova turns into distracting attraction. A feud with a former teammate consumes Kath, and Lio disappears into the bowels of the Ghost Academy for some extremely terrifying “medical treatment.” Meanwhile, friends from Nova’s past fall under zerg attack! Will the trainees regain their focus in time to step up as true heroes of the Koprulu Sector?

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