Isaac ​Asimov’s Nightfall was one of the earlier short stories he submitted in his writing career. The book Nightfall and Other Stories is a collection of the short stories that Asimov wrote, each with a science fiction theme incorporated into them. Each story was something new and interesting each time a new one was read. For example, the story What If- was a look at a couple’s life that seems to be monotonous and dull. They question the reason why they married each other, and a man appears and shows them what if the husband had married his wife’s friend.

Two things good about the stories started with the language of the book. The writing style of Asimov is undoubtedly intellectual, yet his writing can be understood by most people when it is read. Some of the stories also have a futuristic feel to them even though some have been written between 40 and 60 years ago. Also, the dystopia theme behind Nightfall gave the combination of a disaster story and a apocalyptic mood behind all that happened due to the conversations between the characters. The book contained nothing that could be considered negative unless people would have a problem with short stories Asimov submitted to Playboy, and even then, the stories weren’t inappropriate.

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