Despite ​the dedicated efforts of many individuals and organizations, the great apes – our closest living relatives – are in danger of extinction. This sweeping atlas provides a comprehensive overview of what is currently known about all six species of great apes – chimpanzee, bonobo, Sumatran orangutan, Bornean orangutan, eastern gorilla, and westend gorilla. Created in association with the United Nations Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP), this book gives a thorough background on behavior and ecology for each species, including detailed habitat requirements, the apes’ ecological role, and the possible consequences of their decline. World Atlas of Great Apes also offers a full description of the threats, current conservation efforts, and additional protection needed for each species across its entire range. Many full-color maps and illustrations make the abundance of information accessible to a broad readership, from specialist and policymakers to general readers concerned about the survival of these charismatic primates.
This book represents the work of a dinamyc alliance of many of the world’s leading great ape research and conservation organizations. Bringing together United Nations agencies, governments, foundations, and private-sector interests, the project aims to raise the international profile of great ape conservation and to build the political will for further action. Readers learn what work is being done by specific organizations in support of great ape conservation and where conservation is most likely to be effective.

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