Level ​A – beginning – 500 basic words

The Regents Illustrated Classics series provides highly motivational material for beginning and intermediate ESL students and for native speakers of English who want to develop basic reading skills. Each classic is presented in a fully illustrated format which aids comprehension and actually stimulates the desire to read. The for levels – beginning, low intermediate, and high intermediate – are all based on limited vocabulary and structure lists. Exercises are designed to develop reading strategies and build vocabulary.

Robin Hood is an old English folk tale; its author is unknown. It tells the story of a folk hero of twelfth century England who, through no fault of his own, becomes an outlaw. Robin lives in Sherwood Forest with his “band of merry men”, which includes the giant Little John, the jolly monk Friar Tuck, and the young Will Scarlet. Fighting injustice and cruel laws, the men rob from the rich and pompous and give to the poor and needy. In the episodes in this book, Robin cleverly tricks the hated Sheriff of Nottingham again and again, wins an archery contest, and finally meets the king himself.

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