Frickin’ ​hilarious, yet so vile that BDSM doesn’t seem enough letters to describe it. This parody is designed for the most immature of the mature adults out there. Reader discretion is mandatory (but, we still can’t figure out how employing your discretion will lead you to such an indescretion as this book)..

Unitarian Green and Anastasia (Nasty) Lime take their sexual rollicks to new (and ever more disgusting) licks. But, don’t worry, there are still plenty of the flushes, wry smiles, head cockings, finger steeplings, hitches, craps and double craps that you grew so fondly tiresome of in the original (which we can’t even call “original” with a straight face since it was basically “Twilight” with perverts standing in for vampires).

If you are easily offended (or even uneasily offended), we don’t know why the hell you read “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the first place (it is required reading to appreciate this parody…we know, bummer!), but you will most definitely be offended by “Fifty Shades Nastier” if you are: a virgin, from Ithaca, from San Fernando Valley, Catholic, Irish, Irish wannabe, human, borderline decent, Irish, Quaker, over 80 or wealthy. However, chances are likely that you’ll be too busy laughing your ass off to care.

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