Here ​is Julia back again to make life easier for the hundreds of thousands of American cooks faced with the perennial problem of what to cook for company. Here are 13 more splendid menus for entertaining – simple dishes and elegant ones, thrifty meals and splurges, quickly whipped-up recipes and loving creations, something for every mood and occasion.

Whether you’ve invited vegetarians for dinner or friends who particularly relish the extravagances to be had in a top-flight restaurant, Julia has the answers. You’ll find a large, ambitious buffet, elaborate enough for a wedding feast, that can be executed single-handed. You’ll find a country meal for fresh-air appetites, a hearty one-dish dinner for a crowd, and a plush picnic fit for royalty – a whole new wonderful choice of delights, from a classic summary menu to a winter supper centered around a tureen of bubbling, cheese-encrusted onion soup.

Endlessly fascinated by new possibilities that make the art of cooking (and eating) ever more exciting. Julia gives her own culinary twist to such classic dishes as a cassoulet, braised beef, and ’ate en croute. Always inventive, always resourceful, Julia draws freely on the cuisines of many countries for new inspiration. As can be seen from the color photographs throughout, everything you serve will be as appetizing for your company to behold as it will be to taste and to savor.

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