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“Az embert saját jól felfogott érdekében úgy teremtették, hogy ne lásson a jövőbe.”
(Rejtő Jenő)

Jack Vance - The ​Gray Prince
When ​Schaine Madduc returned to Koryphon after five years in space, her home planet was not as she left it. The several intelligent species that had lived so long in a sort of symbiotic harmony were at each other's throats. The humanoid Uldra were united in rebellion against the human land-holding community of which Schaine was part. The Uldra revolutionary leader and catalyst the Gray Prince Jorjol was actually an Uldra fostered in Schaine's own home, and upon whom Schaine had exerted a profound influence. An influence far more profound than Schaine would have thought possible. An influence possibly powerful enough to smash her home, her family, and her entire way of life!

Jim Starlin - Keith Giffen - Thanos: ​Redemption
After ​decades of malevolent misdeeds and vile villainy, could the Mad Titan be attempting to redeem himself? Scorned by his paramour Death and changed by his recent battles with the universe's cosmic powers, Thanos may have just decided to turn over a new leaf. But in order to make good on his vow, Thanos must face the world devourer Galactus, the all-consuming universal Hunger, the unimaginably powerful Beyonder, and the unknown threat of the Fallen One! Most of the universe doubts Thanos' sincerity, but a handful of uneasy allies support him: Adam Warlock, Pip the Troll, Gladiator and Star-Lord. Witness Thanos' cosmic struggle for repentance...but ask yourself, what dire fate awaits the universe if he fails? Collecting Thanos #1-12.

Jack Vance - The ​Killing Machine
Having ​brought arch-villain Malagate the Woe to justice, Gersen now sets his sights on Kokor Hekkus, another of the Demon Princes. The name Kokor Hekkus, which means "killing machine" in the language of the planet Thamber, does not refer to Hekkus's own predilection for homicide, but to his fondness for horrific and murderous devices, including the giant robotic executioner that first gained him his nickname. The Killing Machine is part 2 of 5 of The Demon Princes Series.

Jack Vance - The ​Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph
Magnus ​Ridolph, at first glance, did not look like an interstellar troubleshooter. He was not tall and muscular, his skin had not been turned to a rugged color by the numerous distant suns he had visited, and his voice and manner seemed far too mild for an adventurer. Yet there was a chill hardness in his mild blue eyes that warned of the deceptiveness in his appearance. Throughout the galaxy, there were men and other beings - Yellowbirds, Tau Gemini ant-things, Hecatian anthropes - who could testify to the deadliness that lurked behind those eyes. In Magnus Ridolph, Jack Vance has created one of the most memorable characters of his award-winning career.

Jack Vance - The ​Narrow Land
The ​Narrow Land is a collection of six short stories and one novella by Jack Vance. Contains the stories: The Narrow Land The Masqerade on Dicantropus Where Hesperus Falls The World-Thinker Green Magic The Ten Books Chateau D'If ( aka "New Bodies for Old" )

T. J. Klune - The ​Bones Beneath My Skin
In ​the spring of 1995, Nate Cartwright has lost everything: his parents are dead, his older brother wants nothing to do with him, and he's been fired from his job as a journalist in Washington DC. With nothing left to lose, he returns to his family's summer cabin outside the small mountain town of Roseland, Oregon to try and find some sense of direction. The cabin should be empty. It's not. Inside is a man named Alex. And with him is an extraordinary little girl who calls herself Artemis Darth Vader. Artemis, who isn't exactly as she appears. Soon it becomes clear that Nate must make a choice: let himself drown in the memories of his past, or fight for a future he never thought possible. Because the girl is special. And forces are descending upon them who want nothing more than to control her.

T. J. Klune - Withered ​+ Sere
Once ​upon a time, humanity could no longer contain the rage that swelled within, and the world ended in a wave of fire. One hundred years later, in the wasteland formerly known as America, a broken man who goes only by the name of Cavalo survives. Purposefully cutting himself off from what remains of civilization, Cavalo resides in the crumbling ruins of the North Idaho Correctional Institution. A mutt called Bad Dog and a robot on the verge of insanity comprise his only companions. Cavalo himself is deteriorating, his memories rising like ghosts and haunting the prison cells. It’s not until he makes the dangerous choice of crossing into the irradiated Deadlands that Cavalo comes into contact with a mute psychopath, one who belongs to the murderous group of people known as the Dead Rabbits. Taking the man prisoner, Cavalo is forced not only to face the horrors of his past, but the ramifications of the choices made for his stark present. And it is in the prisoner that he will find a possible future where redemption is but a glimmer that darkly shines. The world has died. This is the story of its remains.

Jack Vance - The ​Palace of Love
In ​the midpoint novel of the "Demon Princes" series, Kirth Gersen sets his sights upon the mysterious Viole Falushe. Vance describes this murderous creature as a "sybarite." "Sadistic pervert" would probably be a more apropos phrase.After several false leads, Gersen backtracks the villain to his point of origin --- Earth, of all places! Then the trail moves outward again, to the starworlds and a place back of beyond where there is actually a physical Palace of Love!

Jack Vance - The ​Pnume
The ​Pnume are native to Tschai, living underground in a vast network of caverns with their human slave-species, the Pnumekin. Historians of Tschai, the Pnume collect its past with scholarly disinterest; they hear rumors of Adam Reith - a man who claims to come from another planet, named Earth - and they want him for permanent display in Foreverness, museum of Tschai life! Reith must survive the Pnume tunnels, if he is ever to return to Earth.

Jack Vance - To ​Live Forever
In ​the far-future city of Clarges, you can live forever – if you can make the grade. In Clarges, everyone competes for the ultimate prize: immortality. Gavin Waylock had that prize – the live-forever rank of Amaranth, but lost it when he was accused of murder. Now, after seven years in hiding he begins again the struggle to reach the top. But a strong-willed woman,The Jacynth Martin, is determined to see him fail – and failure means death. SF Grandmaster Jack Vance crafts a classic tale of man against dystopia, rich in intrigue, suspense and dark humor.

Jack Vance - Trullion: ​Alastor 2262
Trullion ​- world 2262 of the Alastor Cluster - is a water-world of fens, mists, and idyllic islands set in clear oceans whose teeming richness provides food for the taking. The Trill are a carefree and easy-living people, but violence enters their lives during raids of the Starmenters, freebooting galactic pirates who live short, perilous lives in pursuit of adventure, rape and pillage. Then there's the planet-wide game of hussade - when the Trill's passion for gambling drives them to risk all - even life itself, on the hazardous water-chessboard gaming fields. Their prize? The beautiful sheirlmaiden..

Jack Vance - Wyst: ​Alastor 1716
On ​Wyst, world 1716 of the Alastor Cluster, millions of people live together in harmony, work only a few hours each week, and share the fruits of their labor equally. Wyst seems a utopia. But the Connatic, mysterious ruler of the Alastor Cluster, knowing better that to take utopia at face value, one day decides to investigate--a decision that may cost him his life.

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 3.
The ​perfect society and its price...the manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! In the 22nd century, the Psycho-Pass measures emotional health, making crime not only rare, but strange and dangerous--and the only "safe" job for a person on the borderline is as a cop...kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves! Finally given permission to search and question at will in the Special Sector, Division 3 discovers the underground farm that developed the miracle food that saved Japan from starvation...and the fate of the original patients it was tested upon!

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 1.
In ​this prequel to the hit science fiction crime drama anime series, Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami reveals how the legendary Enforcer was once an ace detective! Working within the city-regulating Sybil System, Inspectors must fight crime in a future where a single number measures your criminal tendencies and determines if you are useful to society! An artificial organ with a numbered brand is the key piece of evidence that leads Section 3 to a network of organ smuggling! They must set up a complicated trap in order to catch the culprit! However the real perpetrator may not be who they think it is...

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 2.
The ​manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! The Psycho-Pass made a better future society possible: a universal fitness app that tracks people's emotional health. But when crime becomes rare, it also becomes stranger and more dangerous than ever...and in the 22nd century the only "safe" job for a person on the borderline is as a cop--kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves! Kogami's team has learned that the hospital where patients have died due to a genetic timer set in them decades ago was a "privileged" residence for the emotionally unfit. In searching for clues, they discover just how their society perfected itself by pushing things into the shadows...and the underground network dedicated to keeping those things alive!

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 4.
The ​perfect society and its price...the manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! In the 22nd century, the Psycho-Pass measures emotional health, making crime not only rare, but strange and dangerous--and the only "safe" job for a person on the borderline is as a cop...kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves! How did rice, once sacred to Japan, become its forbidden food? Division 3 descends into the deepest levels of the Special Sector in search of a lost field under a hidden sun...and the mysterious woman at the heart of their case, Kirika Nouzen.

Karin Tidbeck - Jagannath
Enter ​the strange and wonderful world of Swedish sensation Karin Tidbeck with this feast of darkly fantastical stories. Whether through the falsified historical record of the uniquely weird Swedish creature known as the “Pyret” or the title story, “Jagannath,” about a biological ark in the far future, Tidbeck’s unique imagination will enthrall, amuse, and unsettle you. How else to describe a collection that includes “Cloudberry Jam,” a story that opens with the line “I made you in a tin can”? Marvels, quirky character studies, and outright surreal monstrosities await you in what is likely to be one of the most talked-about short story collections of the year. Tidbeck is a rising star in her native country, having published a collection there in Swedish, won a prestigious literary grant, and just sold her first novel to Sweden’s largest publisher. A graduate of the iconic Clarion Writer’s Workshop at the University of California, San Diego, in 2010, her publication history includes Weird Tales, Shimmer Magazine, Unstuck Annual and the anthology Odd.

Sasha Alsberg - Lindsay Cummings - Nexus
With ​her crew captured and her ship a smoldering ruin, notorious mercenary Androma Racella is no longer the powerful Bloody Baroness, but a fugitive on the run. And with most of the galaxy now trapped under the mind control of the bloodthirsty Queen Nor, not even the farthest reaches of Mirabel can offer safety for the queen’s most-hated adversary. But Andi will risk anything, even her precious freedom, to save her crew. So when she finds herself stranded with bounty hunter Dextro Arez on the unforgiving ice planet of Solera, Andi seeks out the mysterious Arachnid, the one person who seems to be fighting back against the vicious queen…and uncovers the true, devastating reason for Nor’s takeover. Back on Andi’s home planet of Arcardius, Nor’s actions have made Mirabel vulnerable to invasion from an outside force. Now allying with her mortal enemy may be the only way for the Bloody Baroness to save the galaxy—even if that alliance demands the most wrenching sacrifice of all.

Lindsay Cummings - The ​Death Code
With ​short, fast-paced, alternating point-of-view chapters, The Death Code starts several weeks after The Murder Complex ended. Zephyr keeps the secret about Meadow close—that if she dies, The Murder Complex will be destroyed, too. Meadow, desperate to find her brother, father, and little sister, is determined to fearlessly fight to the end, even if it means sacrificing herself and her friends, new and old. The Death Code introduces a memorable cast of secondary characters and delivers a vivid and scary thrill ride read.

Sasha Alsberg - Lindsay Cummings - Zenith
There ​is darkness sweeping across the stars. Most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness: a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy. To those aboard her fearsome glass starship the Maurader, she’s just Andi, their captain and protector. When a routine mission goes awry, the all-girl crew’s resilience is tested as they find themselves in a most unfamiliar place: at the mercy of a sadistic bounty hunter connected to Andi’s past and a harrowing betrayal. Meanwhile, on the far side of the galaxy, a ruthless ruler waits in the shadows of the planet Xen Ptera, biding her time to exact revenge for the destruction of her people. The final pieces of her deadly plan are about to fall into place, unleashing a plot that will tear Mirabel in two. Andi and her crew embark on a dangerous, soul-testing journey that could restore order to their ship—or just as easily start a war that will devour worlds. As the Marauder hurtles towards the unknown, and Mirabel hangs in the balance, the only thing certain is that in a galaxy run on lies and illusion, no one can be trusted. From internet sensation Sasha Alsberg and author Lindsay Cummings comes a new serialized space opera, full of action, fantastical intrigue, and steamy star-crossed romance. ​ For fans of popular sci-fi books and fantasy books for teens such as Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, Wool by Hugh Howey, Truthwitch by Susan Dennard, and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

Lissa Price - Enders ​(német)
Die ​16-jährige Callie lebt in einer Welt, in der eine unheimliche Katastrophe zahlreiche Erwachsenenleben vernichtet hat. Und in der die jungen Menschen einer anscheinend ausweglosen Armut verfallen. Die einzige Möglichkeit für die jugendlichen Starters an Geld zu kommen, war bislang die Body Bank. Dort konnten sie ihre Körper an alte Menschen vermieten, um so ihr Überleben zu sichern. Doch jetzt droht eine noch viel größere Gefahr: Der Old Man, der mysteriöse Leiter der Body Bank, ist entkommen und trachtet Callie nach dem Leben. In einer erbarmungslosen Jagd wird ihr klar, dass das Geheimnis des Old Man dunkler ist, als sie es jemals erahnen konnte ...

Lissa Price - Enders ​(román)
Cititi ​continuarea romanului Starters! STARTERS: In urma razboiului biologic care a decimat locuitorii de varsta medie, Los Angeles-ul a ramas populat doar de tineri si... batrani. Ca sa faca rost de bani pentru a-si ajuta fratele bolnav, Callie, in varsta de saisprezece ani, face un pact periculos: merge la Banca de Corpuri si accepta sa isi inchirieze trupul unor batrani instariti care platesc pentru a redeveni, chiar si pentru scurt timp, tineri. ENDERS: Aceasta diabolica Banca de Corpuri este distrusa acum! Dar tinerii carora li s-au implantat cipuri continua sa fie controlati si manipulati de Enderi. Callie este urmarita de o fiinta sinistra! Nu mai stie ce e real si ce e fabricat in existenta ei, dar este pregatita sa lupte pentru adevar si o viata normala. Cu orice pret! O poveste inteligenta, inventiva, care te tine in alerta! -- Dean Koontz Rasturnarile de situatie se tin lant, nu veti avea timp sa respirati. O lectura intensa, superba, tulburatoare... cu un final care va rasplati cititorii. -- Kirkus Reviews Plin de adrenalina! Fanii Starters vor fi inrobiti! -- Booklist "Am facut un pas spre el, pana cand fetele aproape ca ni s-au atins. Avea un miros minunat, de lemn si de iarba, la fel ca altadata. Ne-am sarutat. A fost… altfel decat inainte. A inceput la fel, matasea buzelor lui, aroma pielii. Dar scanteia pe care o simtisem candva, fiorul acela electric dulce, disparuse. (…) Poate ca vina imi apartinea. Poate ca eram tulburata. Relaxeaza te. Gaseste-o. Dar m-am oprit. M-am retras. Nu."

Lissa Price - Starters ​(német)
Die ​16-jährige Callie verliert ihre Eltern, als eine unheimliche Infektion alle tötet, die nicht schnell genug geimpft werden – nur sehr junge und sehr alte Menschen überleben. Während die Alten ihren Reichtum mehren, verfallen die Jungen der Armut. Hoffnung verspricht die Body Bank, ein mysteriöses Institut, in dem Jugendliche gegen Geld ihre Körper verleihen können. Das Bewusstsein des alten Menschen übernimmt den jungen Körper für eine Zeit, um wieder jung zu sein. Doch bei Callie geht es schief: Sie erwacht, bevor sie erwachen darf – in einem Leben, das ihr völlig unbekannt ist. Anstelle ihrer reichen Mieterin bewohnt sie eine teure Villa, verfügt über Luxus im Überfluss und verliebt sich in den jungen Blake. Bald aber findet sie heraus, dass ihr Körper zu einem geheimen Zweck gemietet wurde – um einen furchtbaren Plan zu verwirklichen, den Callie um jeden Preis verhindern muss ...

Lissa Price - Starters ​(spanyol)
Callie ​perdió a sus padres cuando las guerras de las Esporas aniquilaron a todos los que tenían entre 20 y 60 años. Ahora es una starter, una adolescente que vive en la calle como una vagabunda y lucha por sobrevivir. Su única esperanza es Destinos de Plenitud, una inquietante empresa que contrata a adolescentes para que alquilen sus cuerpos a los enders, ancianos que quieren volver a ser jóvenes. Callie se hace donante, pero el neurochip que lleva en la cabeza se estropea y despierta en la ostentosa y lujosa vida de la ender que ha alquilado su cuerpo. Es una vida de cuento… hasta que descubre que los planes de Destinos de Plenitud son más siniestros que la peor de sus pesadillas.

Richard Paul Evans - Hunt ​for Jade Dragon
Michael ​and his friends must rescue a child prodigy as the thrilling action continues in this electrifying fourth installment of the #1 New York Times bestselling series! Michael, Taylor, Ostin and the rest of the Electroclan head to China in search of a girl who may have discovered why Michael and his friends became electric. Her name is Lin Julung, or Jade Dragon, and she’s a child prodigy with an IQ higher than Einstein’s—and Ostin’s. But Hatch gets to her first, and the Elgen are holding her prisoner in their Taiwan Starxource plant. Now the Voice wants Michael and the Electroclan to go to Taiwan and free her before Hatch can realize his dreams of an army of electric children. The hunt for Jade Dragon is on, and it’s a race against time!

Marie Lu - Legend ​(spanyol)
La ​República, situada en lo que en tiempos fue la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos, está embarcada en una guerra interminable con el país vecino, las Colonias. June y Day, dos ciudadanos de la República, tienen la misma edad –quince años– y viven en la misma ciudad –Los Ángeles–. Y sin embargo, habitan en mundos opuestos: mientras que June es una chica privilegiada, destinada a ocupar un lugar en la elite del país por su condición de niña prodigio, Day vive en la clandestinidad y se dedica a sabotear los manejos de un gobierno que considera corrupto y asesino. No hay ninguna razón para que los caminos de June y de Day se crucen... hasta el día en que Metias, el hermano de June, es asesinado, y Day se convierte en el principal sospechoso del crimen. Entonces, June y Day emprenden un mortal juego del ratón y el gato, en el que él lucha por la supervivencia de su familia mientras ella busca vengar la muerte de su hermano.

J. D. (Nora Roberts) Robb - Halálos ​csábítás
A ​New York Times bestsellerírónője, Nora Roberts, azaz J. D. Robb egy szívfájdító regénnyel áll az olvasók elé... Ezúttal Eve Dallas egy gyilkos Casanovát keres, aki halálos étvágyat érez a csábításra... Dante a cybertérben választja ki az áldozatait hetekkel azelőtt, hogy személyesen találkoznának. Néhány korty bor, és pár órával később a lány halott. A gyilkos fegyver: egy ritka, csaknem kimutathatatlan kábítószer, amitől az áldozatot leküzdhetetlen nemi vágy keríti a hatalmába, az utcai értéke pedig negyedmillió dollár. Eve Dallas hadnagy újra és újra végigpörgeti magában az eseményeket. A gyertyafény, a zene, az ágyra hintett rózsaszirmok – a csábítás gyilkos eszközei. A tettes nem akarta megölni a lányt. De amikor mégis megtörtént, két választása maradt: félelemmel és bűntudattal telve elrejtőzik, vagy újabb vadászatba kezd...

Catherine Fisher - Obsidian ​Mirror
TIME ​TRAVEL MEETS SCARY FAIRIES - but there's so much more to Catherine Fisher's brilliant Shakespeare Quartet which begins with _The Obsidian Mirror_... Jake's father disappears while working on mysterious experiments with the obsessive, reclusive Oberon Venn. Jake is convinced Venn has murdered him. But the truth he finds at the snow-bound Wintercombe Abbey is far stranger ... The experiments concerned a black mirror, which is a portal to both the past and the future. Venn is not alone in wanting to use its powers. Strangers begin gathering in and around Venn's estate: Sarah - a runaway, who appears out of nowhere and is clearly not what she says, Maskelyne - who claims the mirror was stolen from him in some past century. There are others, a product of the mirror's power to twist time. And a tribe of elemental beings surround this isolated estate, fey, cold, untrustworthy, and filled with hate for humans. But of them all, Jake is hell-bent on using the mirror to get to the truth. Whatever the cost, he must learn what really happened to his father.

Catherine Fisher - The ​Door in the Moon
TIME ​TRAVEL MEETS SCARY FAIRIES ... with Shakespeare's _A Midsummer Night's Dream_ thrown in, from 'the leading lady of British fantasy' (_The Times_) It's Midsummer Night, it's hot, and everyone in Wintercombe Abbey is dreaming strange and disturbing dreams. But what wakes Jake is the cold muzzle of a pistol pressed to his forehead. Who is the mysterious thief waiting for him beyond the Obsidian Mirror? And where will he find his father in the lost ages of the past? In the third volume of the Chronoptika Quartet Jake and Sarah are swept into a nightmare world of revolution and murder, while Oberon Venn has to face the choice between staying mortal or losing his soul in the tangled green wildwood of the Shee. With a masked ball, priceless emeralds, an enchanted monk and a desperate struggle at the very foot of the guillotine, Catherine Fisher continues her breathtaking series of sorcery and amazing worlds with this adventure of magic and the dangerous search for those who Time has snatched away.

Catherine Fisher - The ​Speed of Darkness
Science ​fiction, myth, time travel and Shakespearean wit and playfulness combine in a stunning sequence of huge imaginative power - the Shakespeare Quartet ... _The Speed of Darkness_ concludes the series which began with _The Obsidian Mirror_, then moved on through _The Box of Red Brocade_ and _The Door in the Moon_. In this final volume, a great storm brews out at sea and batters the Devon coast, flooding vast swathes of land. At Wintercombe Abbey the preceding weeks have been spent in a ferment of experimentation, as Jake Wilde's father, David and Maskelyne work furiously on Operation Leah. They have been practising changing tiny events in the past, in preparation for the rescue of Venn's wife Leah from death, the culmination of their work with the Obsidian Mirror. But in the aftermath of the storm, the Abbey is a drowned house. Where is the Mirror? What has happened to the two halves of the Janus coin? Whose is the mysterious boat wrecked up on the nearby beach? And what plans of mischief and mayhem lay in store for Halloween - the day chosen for Leah's return?

Rebecca Zanetti - Blaze ​Erupting
rom ​New York Times bestselling author, Rebecca Zanetti, comes a new Scorpius Syndrome/A Brigade Novella… Hugh Johnson is nobody’s hero, and the idea of being in the limelight makes him want to growl. He takes care of his brothers, does his job, and enjoys a mellow evening hanging with his hound dog and watching the sports channel. So when sweet and sexy Ellie Smithers from his college chemistry class asks him to save millions of people from a nuclear meltdown, he doggedly steps forward while telling himself that the world hasn’t changed and he can go back to his relaxing life. One look at Ellie and excitement doesn’t seem so bad. Eleanor Smithers knows that the Scorpius bacteria has and will change life as we know it, but that’s a concern for another day. She’s been hand-picked as the computer guru for The Brigade, which is the USA’s first line of defense against all things Scorpius, including homegrown terrorists who’ve just been waiting for a chance to strike. Their target is a nuclear power plant in the east, and the only person who can help her is Hugh, the sexy, laconic, dangerous man she had a crush on so long ago. **Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Rebecca Zanetti - Blind ​Faith
A ​betrayal he couldn't forget . . . For Nate Dean, love is a four-letter word. As part of a secret black-ops military unit, he and his brothers were genetically engineered by the government to be ruthless soldiers with an expiration date. They were loyal only to one another . . . until Nate laid eyes on the woman who stole his heart and blew his world apart. Now, years later, his family is still paying the price for his mistake. But as time runs out, there's only one person who can save his family: the very woman Nate swore he'd never trust again. A love she couldn't deny . . . The moment Audrey Madison spies Nate across a crowded ballroom, she can barely breathe. He's just as undeniably sexy as she remembers, yet there's an edge to him now that's as irresistible as it is dangerous. When he asks for her help, Audrey can't refuse. But she has secrets of her own--secrets that, if Nate ever discovers them, may cost them both their lives . . .