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“A másik detektív felhívta a figyelmet arra a körülményre, hogy fájdalmas következményekkel jár, ha valakit szájon vágnak, és minek gyűjteni a pofonokat, amikor öreg napjaira e takarékosságának tőkéje aligha jelentheti életének nyugalmas alkonyát.”
(Rejtő Jenő)

Mary Higgins Clark - Schwesterlein, ​komm tanz mit mir
Weil ​die beiden Freundinnen Erin und Darcy einer Kollegin bei der Recherche über Kontalktanzeigen behilflich sein wollen, antworten sie auf einschlägige Zeitungsannoncen. Dann treffen sie sich mit Kandidaten und tauschen ihre Erfahrungen aus. Bis eines Tages Erin spurlos verschwindet …

Mary Higgins Clark - The ​Melody Lingers On
As ​the sole assistant to a famous upscale interior designer, Lane Harmon, mother to five-year-old Katie, is accustomed to visiting opulent homes around the tri-state area. A born optimist, Lane finds the glimpse into these gilded worlds fascinating, and loves the reward of exceeding the expectations of their often-demanding owners. When she is called to assist in redecorating a modest townhouse in Bergen County, she knows the job is unusual. Then she learns the home belongs to the wife of a notorious and disgraced financier named Parker Bennett. Parker Bennett has been missing for two years. He dropped out of sight just before it was discovered that the $5 billion dollars in the fund he had been managing had vanished. Bennett had gone out on his sailboat in the Caribbean. Was it suicide or had he staged his disappearance? The scandal around his name has not died down. His clients and the federal government all want to trace the money and find Bennett if he is still alive. Lane is surprised to find herself moved by Mrs. Bennett’s calm dignity and apparently sincere belief in her husband’s innocence. Gradually, Lane finds herself drawn to Eric, the Bennetts’ son, who is similarly determined to prove that his father is not guilty. Lane doesn’t know that the closer she gets to the Bennetts, the more she puts her life―and her daughter’s life―in jeopardy.

Mary Higgins Clark - Weep ​No More, My Lady
Cypress ​Point -- the ultimate California spa where the rich and famous pursue health and beauty in unalloyed luxury. But lovely young Elizabeth Lange is after something else: the truth about the death of her beloved sister -- a famous actress who plunged from the balcony of her Manhattan penthouse. What she finds will determine the fate of Ted Winters, the handsome business tycoon who stands accused of her murder. Against a Monterey background that sparkles with sun, money, and glamour, Elizabeth stalks shadows that darken with dread and danger... shadows that threaten to reveal the stunning truth about her sister -- and herself.

Jeffrey Archer - Be ​Careful What You Wish For
Bestselling ​author Jeffrey Archer's Be Careful What You Wish For opens with Harry Clifton and his wife Emma rushing to hospital to learn the fate of their son Sebastian, who has been involved in a fatal car accident. But who died, Sebastian or his best friend Bruno? When Ross Buchanan is forced to resign as chairman of the Barrington Shipping Company, Emma Clifton wants to replace him. But Don Pedro Martinez intends to install his puppet, the egregious Major Alex Fisher, in order to destroy the Barrington family firm just as the company plans to build its new luxury liner, the MV Buckingham. Back in London, Harry and Emma's adopted daughter wins a scholarship to the Slade Academy of Art where she falls in love with a fellow student, Clive Bingham, who asks her to marry him. Both families are delighted until Priscilla Bingham, Jessica's future mother-in-law, has a visit from an old friend, Lady Virginia Fenwick, who drops her particular brand of poison into the wedding chalice. Then, without warning, Cedric Hardcastle, a bluff Yorkshireman who no one has come across before, takes his place on the board of Barringtons. This causes an upheaval that none of them could have anticipated, and will change the lives of every member of the Clifton and Barrington families. Hardcastle's first decision is who to support to become the next chairman of the board: Emma Clifton or Major Alex Fisher? And with that decision, the story takes yet another twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Be Careful What You Wish For showcases the master storyteller's talent as never before – when the Clifton and Barrington families march forward into the sixties, in this epic tale of love, revenge, ambition and betrayal.

Martin Cruz Smith - December ​6
1922, ​Tokyo. Harry Niles is a 'wild child', an American boy in a strange country, ignored by his missionary parents, he begins to lead his life in the Tokyo underworld. One night, he is charged with delivering a painting to an enigmatic figure, the samurai Ishigami. It is an encounter that will haunt Harry Niles forever... 1937, Nanking. China is under attack. The Japanese army is brutally and systematically murdering and raping the local population. In the midst of this horror, Harry finds himself face to face once again with Lieutenant Ishigami. But for the samurai warrior, their meeting leads to the greatest possible dishonour - public humiliation. 1941, Tokyo. With the attack on Pearl Harbour only days away, Japan is on the brink of war with the United States. Harry Niles has become a man of many faces. Allying himself with both sides, he treads a dangerous - but profitable - path between the fading glory of the Chrysantheum Club, where the city's banking and industrial elite meet, and the shadowy Tokyo underworld.

Martin Cruz Smith - Gypsy ​in Amber
From ​“the master of the international thriller” (The New York Times) and the bestselling author of Tatiana and Gorky Park, Martin Cruz Smith’s first mystery novel—a classic crime whodunit with a shocking twist. One girl was dead, one girl was threatened, one girl was possessed. One girl was found horribly mutilated, the victim of a rite that no sane person believed could take place in the modern world. One girl lay trembling in her apartment, as the strange intruders forced open her bedroom door, and the waking nightmare began. And one girl discovered that her body and her soul were no longer her own.... A murder threatens to force the police into a confrontation with New York’s gypsy community. The cops are determined to pin the blame on a gypsy. But antique dealer Roman Grey knows there is more to the case than the convenient closing of a crime file, and he vows to bring the truly guilty to justice. You’ll never guess the secret of Gypsy in Amber. This book could not have been written without the help of the Gypsy library and the notes of Reverend Frederick S. Arnold.

Martin Cruz Smith - Nightwing
As ​darkness gathers, the sky is filled with frantic motion and maddening murmurs. In an effort to end the world, an unhappy, aging Native American shaman invokes the Hopi god of death. Those around him remain sceptical, dismissing him as crazy old man. Then they discover his mutilated, bloody body, and soon, other similarly disfigured bodies begin to appear. Horses, sheep, cattle - no living thing is safe. But what is causing the horrible deaths? Deputy Sheriff Duran is called back to the reservation to investigate. Immediately, Duran recognises the significance of the shaman's spell and, with the help of two scientists, he works to combat the supernatural scourge - before there's nothing left to save.

Martin Cruz Smith - Rose
Rose ​is a wonderfully rich and intricate novel set in nineteenth-century Wigan, a town located in the coal country of Lancashire. Its protagonist, Jonathan Blair, is a mining engineer who has been chased out of Africa for "stealing" from the missionaries' Bible Fund in order to pay off the porter of his expedition into the interior of the Gold Coast; he is now down and out in London. Blair's employer, Bishop Hannay, promises to send him back to Africa if he can find John Maypole, the curate who was engaged to his daughter, Charlotte Hannay, when he disappeared three months previously without explanation. Charlotte herself is an ill-tempered young woman who takes an instant dislike to Blair when he tries to investigate her fiancé's disappearance. Other characters include assorted townspeople, miners at the Hannay family mine, and Rose Molyneux, a "pit girl" with whom Blair falls in love. Exceeding even the high expectations of Smith's readers, Rose is richly detailed and compelling--his most accomplished and fascinating novel to date.

Martin Cruz Smith - Tatiana
The ​fearless reporter Tatiana Petrovna falls to her death from a sixth-floor window in Moscow the same week that a mob billionaire, Grisha Grigo-Renko, is shot and buried with the trappings due a lord. No one else makes the connection, but Arkady is transfixed by the tapes he discovers of Tatiana’s voice describing horrific crimes in words that are at odds with the Kremlin’s official versions.

Martin Cruz Smith - Wolves ​Eat Dogs
In ​Wolves Eat Dogs, Renko returns for his most enigmatic and baffling case: the death of one of Russia's new billionaires, which leads him to Chernobyl and the Zone of Exclusion -- closed to the world since 1986's nuclear disaster. It is still aglow with radioactivity, now inhabited only by the militia, shady scavengers, a few reckless scientists, and some elderly peasants who refuse to relocate. Renko's journey to this ghostly netherworld, the crimes he uncovers there, and the secrets they reveal about the New Russia make for an unforgettable adventure.

Robert Galbraith - Bianco ​letale
Quando ​il giovane Billy, in preda a una grande agitazione, irrompe nella sua agenzia investigativa per denunciare un crimine a cui crede di aver assistito da piccolo, Cormoran Strike rimane profondamente turbato. Anche se Billy ha problemi mentali e fatica a ricordare i particolari concreti, in lui e nel suo racconto c’è qualcosa di sincero. Ma prima che Strike possa interrogarlo più a fondo, Billy si spaventa e fugge via. Cercando di scoprire la verità sulla storia di Billy, Strike e Robin Ellacott – una volta sua assistente, ora sua socia – seguono una pista tortuosa, che si dipana dai sobborghi di Londra alle stanze più recondite e segrete del Parlamento, fino a una suggestiva ma inquietante tenuta di campagna. E se l’indagine si fa sempre più labirintica, la vita di Strike è tutt’altro che semplice: la sua rinnovata fama di investigatore privato gli impedisce di agire nell’ombra come un tempo e il suo rapporto con Robin è più teso che mai. Lei è senza dubbio indispensabile nel lavoro dell’agenzia, ma la loro relazione personale è piena di sottintesi e non detti…

Robert Galbraith - Der ​Ruf des Kuckucks
Als ​das berühmte Model Lula Landry von ihrem schneebedeckten Balkon im Londoner Stadtteil Mayfair in den Tod stürzt, steht für die ermittelnden Beamten schnell fest, dass es Selbstmord war. Der Fall scheint abgeschlossen. Doch Lulas Bruder hat Zweifel - ein Privatdetektiv soll für ihn die Wahrheit ans Licht bringen. Cormoran Strike hat in Afghanistan körperliche und seelische Wunden davongetragen, mangels Aufträgen ist er außerdem finanziell am Ende. Der spektakuläre neue Fall ist seine Rettung, doch Strike ahnt nicht, was die Ermittlungen ihm abverlangen werden. Während er immer weiter eindringt in die Welt der Reichen und Schönen, fördert Strike Erschreckendes zutage und gerät selbst in große Gefahr... Der Ruf des Kuckucks ist das hochgelobte Krimidebüt von J.K.Rowling, geschrieben unter dem Pseudonym Robert Galbraith, in dem sie mit Cormoran Strike einen ungewöhnlichen Ermittler präsentiert.

Robert Galbraith - Der ​Seidenspinner
Als ​der Romanautor Owen Quine spurlos verschwindet, bittet seine Frau den privaten Ermittler Cormoran Strike um Hilfe. Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass Quine für einige Tage abgetaucht ist, und sie möchte, dass Strike ihn findet und nach Hause zurückbringt. Doch schon zu Beginn seiner Ermittlungen wird Strike klar, dass mehr hinter Quines Verschwinden steckt, als seine Frau ahnt. Der Schriftsteller hat soeben ein Manuskript vollendet, das scharfzüngige Porträts beinahe jeder Person aus seinem Bekanntenkreis enthält. Sollte das Buch veröffentlicht werden, würde es Leben zerstören – zahlreiche Menschen hätten also allen Grund, Quine zum Schweigen zu bringen. Als Quine tatsächlich tot aufgefunden wird, brutal ermordet unter bizarren Umständen, beginnt ein Wettlauf gegen die Zeit, um das wahre Motiv des skrupellosen Mörders aufzudecken – eines Mörders, wie Strike ihm noch nie zuvor begegnet ist …

Robert Galbraith - Die ​Ernte des Bösen
Der ​neueste Fall für Cormoran Strike & Robin Ellacott - das cleverste Ermittlerduo der britischen Kriminalliteratur Nachdem Robin Ellacott ein mysteriöses Paket in Empfang genommen hat, muss sie zu ihrem Entsetzen feststellen, dass es ein abgetrenntes Frauenbein enthält. Ihr Chef, der private Ermittler Cormoran Strike, ist ebenfalls beunruhigt, jedoch kaum überrascht. Gleich vier Menschen aus seiner eigenen Vergangenheit fallen ihm ein, denen er eine solche Tat zutrauen würde - und Strike weiß, dass jeder von ihnen zu skrupelloser, unaussprechlicher Grausamkeit fähig ist. Während die Polizei sich auf den einen Verdächtigen konzentriert, der für Strike immer weniger als Täter infrage kommt, nehmen er und Robin die Dinge selbst in die Hand und wagen sich vor in die düsteren und verstörenden Welten der drei anderen Männer. Doch als weitere erschreckende Vorfälle London erschüttern, gerät das Ermittlerduo selbst mehr und mehr in Bedrängnis ...

Robert Galbraith - El ​canto del cuco
El ​canto del cuco es la aclamada primera novela de misterio de J. K. Rowling escrita bajo el seudónimo de Robert Galbraith. Una joven modelo con problemas emocionales cae desde su balcón de Mayfair en plena noche. Su cuerpo yace en la calle nevada. Todo el mundo asume que ha sido un suicidio, excepto su hermano, que contrata los servicios del investigador privado Cormoran Strike para que se encargue del caso. Veterano de guerra con secuelas físicas y psicológicas, la vida de Strike es un desastre. El encargo le da cierto respiro económico, pero cuanto más profundiza en el complejo mundo de la modelo, más oscuro parece todo y más se acerca Strike a un gran peligro. Un elegante misterio impregnado de la atmósfera de Londres, desde las calles más selectas de Mayfair hasta los pubs ocultos del East End o el bullicio del Soho.

Robert Galbraith - El ​cuc de seda
Un ​cas únic només pot ser resolt per una ment única Aquest cop, l?escenari és el món de la literatura, les editorials, els premis, les enveges, les rivalitats, els interessos... Un escenari que Rowling coneix molt bé.Quan l'escriptor Owen Quine desapareix, la seva dona truca al detectiu privat Cormoran Strike perquè el trobi. Al principi, ella creu senzillament que ha tocat el dos un parell de dies, tal com ha fet altres vegades, i l'únic que espera de Cormoran és que el trobi i el faci tornar a casa. Però a mesura que la investigació de Strike avança, resulta evident que hi ha alguna cosa estranya en la desaparició d'en Quine que la seva dona no sospita. L'escriptor tot just ha acabat un manuscrit ple de retrats i descripcions de totes les persones que coneix. Si la novel·la es publiqués, arruïnaria moltes vides. Això vol dir que hi ha força gent que el preferiria callat.I quan la policia troba el cos d'en Quine, que ha estat brutalment assassinat en estranyes circumstàncies, comença una carrera contra rellotge per entendre les motivacions d'un assassí despietat. Un assassí totalment diferent de tots els que ha conegut fins aleshores.

Liane Moriarty - Marile ​minciuni nevinovate
„O ​carte diabolic de bună. Amuzantă și înfricoșătoare.“ - Stephen King #1 Bestseller New York Times Acum un serial de excepție produs de HBO cu Reese Witherspoon Nicole Kidman Shailene Woodley Alexander Skarsgard Laura Dern Adam Scott Zoë Kravitz Re alizat de Jean‑Marc Vallée, regizorul filmelor Wild și Dallas Buyers Club scenariu de David E. Kelley. Autoarea bestsellerurilor Am uitat să fim fericiți și Secretul soțului vine cu un roman despre micile minciuni periculoase pe care ni le spunem pentru a supraviețui. O crimă... un accident tragic... sau doar nişte părinţi care se poartă urât? Incontestabil, cineva a plătit cu viața. Madeline e o forță căreia nu e ușor să-i faci față. E amuzantă, tăioasă și pătimașă; ține minte totul și nu iartă pe nimeni. Celeste e genul de femeie frumoasă după care oamenii întorc capul pe stradă, dar are de plătit un preț pentru iluzia perfecțiunii. Nouă în oraș, Jane e o mamă singură, atât de tânără încât este confundată cu dădaca. Are un trecut misterios și o tristețe mult prea profundă pentru vârsta ei. Trei femei aflate fiecare într-un moment crucial al vieții, dar care își intersectează pașii în același loc fatidic. Marile minciuni nevinovate e o poveste senzațională despre foști soți și noi soții, mame și fiice, bârfă în curtea școlii și micile minciuni care se pot transforma în dezastre. “În cazul în care cauți un roman care să te transforme într-un cititor înrăit... nu mai căuta, l-ai găsit.” - Oprah.com “Secretele pe care le ascunde acest orăşel aparent liniştit sunt impregnate de o atmosferă noir atât de apăsătoare, încât David Lynch ar fi încântat.” - Entertainment Weekly “Să citeşti romanele lui Liane Moriarty e ca şi cum ai bea un cocktail Cosmopolitan cu câteva picături de arsenic.” - USA Today Liane Moriarty este o autoare de bestselleruri New York Times. Printre romanele ei se numără Truly Madly Guilty (în pregătire la Editura Trei), Marile minciuni nevinovate (Editura Trei 2015), Secretul soțului (Editura Trei 2014), The Hypnotist’s Love Story, Am uitat să fim fericiți (Editura Trei 2016), The Last Anniversary și Three Wishes. Locuiește în Sydney, Australia, împreună cu soțul și cei doi copii adolescenți. O puteți vizita online la lianemoriarty.com.

Liane Moriarty - Petits ​secrets, grands mensonges
Les ​secrets finissent toujours par être dévoilés. Et toujours quelqu un doit payer... Jane, mère célibataire, vient d emménager à Sydney avec son petit garçon et un secret qui est le sien depuis cinq ans. Le jour de la rentrée scolaire, elle rencontre Madeline, un personnage haut en couleur avec lequel il faut compter (elle se souvient de tout et ne pardonne jamais) et Céleste, une femme à la beauté époustouflante mais qui, paradoxalement, est toujours mal à l' aise. Elles prennent toutes deux Jane sous leur aile, en faisant attention de dissimuler leurs propres secrets. Cependant, quand un simple incident impliquant les enfants de chacune des trois femmes survient à l'école, les choses s'enveniment : les commérages vont bon train, les rumeurs empoisonnées se propagent jusqu'au point où il est impossible de démêler le vrai du faux.

M. J. Arlidge - The ​Doll's House
A ​young woman wakes up in a cold, dark cellar, with no idea how she got there or who her kidnapper is. So begins her terrible nightmare. Nearby, the body of another young woman is discovered buried on a remote beach. But the dead girl was never reported missing - her estranged family having received regular texts from her over the years. Someone has been keeping her alive from beyond the grave. For Detective Inspector Helen Grace it's chilling evidence that she's searching for a monster who is not just twisted but also clever and resourceful - a predator who's killed before. And as Helen struggles to understand the killer's motivation, she begins to realize that she's in a desperate race against time . . .

Jennifer Lynn Barnes - The ​Naturals
Seventeen-year-old ​Cassie is a natural at reading people. Piecing together the tiniest details, she can tell you who you are and what you want. But it’s not a skill that she’s ever taken seriously. That is, until the FBI come knocking: they’ve begun a classified program that uses exceptional teenagers to crack infamous cold cases, and they need Cassie. What Cassie doesn’t realize is that there’s more at risk than a few unsolved homicides— especially when she’s sent to live with a group of teens whose gifts are as unusual as her own. Sarcastic, privileged Michael has a knack for reading emotions, which he uses to get inside Cassie’s head—and under her skin. Brooding Dean shares Cassie’s gift for profiling, but keeps her at arm’s length. Soon, it becomes clear that no one in the Naturals program is what they seem. And when a new killer strikes, danger looms closer than Cassie could ever have imagined. Caught in a lethal game of cat and mouse with a killer, the Naturals are going to have to use all of their gifts just to survive.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes - Twelve
Cassie ​Hobbes has been working with the FBI since she was a teenager. Now twenty-three years old, she and her fellow Naturals have taken over running the program that taught them everything they know. As a unit, they're responsible for identifying new Naturals--and solving particularly impossible cases. When their latest case brings back a ghost from their past, Cassie and the other Naturals find themselves racing against the clock--and reliving their own childhood traumas.In a small, coastal town in Maine, there has been a rash of teen suicides--or at least, that's what the police believe. Mackenzie McBride, age twelve, thinks differently. Desperate to make herself heard, she stands at the top of a lighthouse, threatening to jump... unless the FBI agents who rescued her from a kidnapper at age six come to hear her out.Enter the Naturals. It doesn't take Cassie long to realize that Mackenzie isn't bluffing: she truly is convinced that the suicides are murder, and she really will jump if she can't get the FBI to believe her. To the outside world, Mackenzie is nothing more than a traumatized child. But so was Cassie, once upon a time. So were Michael, Dean, Sloane, Lia, and Celine. With a storm rolling in off the ocean and Mackenzie's position becoming more precarious by the moment, the Naturals have very little time to get to the truth about the deaths--and about twelve-year-old Mackenzie McBride.

Robert Galbraith - El ​gusano de seda
Una ​nueva serie de misterio creada por Robert Galbraith, seudónimo de J.K. Rowling, que recoge lo mejor de la literatura británica clásica del género, adaptándola al tiempo actual. La desaparición del novelista Owen Quine no altera demasiado a su esposa, convencida de que su marido se ha marchado a pasar unos días solo, tal como ha hecho en otras ocasiones. Por ello acude al despacho del detective privado Cormoran Strike para encargarle que encuentre a su esposo y lo lleve de vuelta a casa. Sin embargo, a medida que la investigación avanza, Cormoran descubre que tras la ausencia de Quine hay mucho más de lo que su mujer cree. No hace mucho, Owen había acabado un manuscrito en el que revelaba los secretos más comprometidos de prácticamente todos sus conocidos. Es evidente que la publicación de la novela arruinaría sus vidas, así que, en teoría, cualquiera de ellos haría lo que fuese por impedir que el libro saliera a la luz. Y cuando la teoría se vuelve realidad con la aparición del cadáver de Quine, los acontecimientos se precipitan. Owen ha sido brutalmente asesinado, con una crueldad que Cormoran no recuerda haber visto en su vida. Así pues, detener al culpable se convierte en una tarea urgente, por lo cual, Cormoran Strike y Robin Ellacott, su eficaz ayudante, han de recurrir a todo su arrojo y astucia para identificar al asesino y atraparlo lo antes posible. Segunda entrega de la aclamada serie protagonizada por el detective Cormoran Strike y su ayudante Robin Ellacott, dos personas que por su arrojo y determinación, astucia y encanto, honestidad y pasión por su trabajo forman una peculiar pareja que deleitará a los aficionados a las historias de misterio y suspense.

Robert Galbraith - El ​oficio del mal
En ​un paquete misterioso que ha llegado a la oficina, Robin Ellacott encuentra, horrorizada, una pierna de mujer. Su jefe, el detective privado Cormoran Strike, se muestra tanto o más sobresaltado ante el hallazgo, aunque mucho menos sorprendido. Hay cuatro personas de su pasado que podrían estar involucradas en el envío, y Strike sabe que todas ellas son capaces de actuar de una forma tan cruel y abominable.Mientras la policía se concentra en la única pista que Strike ya ha descartado, éste y Robin deciden investigar por su cuenta y se sumergen en el mundo siniestro de los otros tres sospechosos. Pero cuando varios hechos igual de aterradores empiezan a sucederse, Strike y Robin se dan cuenta de que el tiempo se les agota por momentos... Además de una trama de suspense ingeniosamente construida y repleta de giros inesperados, El oficio del mal nos ofrece una historia apasionante sobre un hombre y una mujer en una encrucijada tanto personal como profesional. Un libro que te atrapa hasta la última página.

Robert Galbraith - Hedvábník
Když ​se spisovatel Owen Quine ztratí, jeho žena se obrátí na soukromého detektiva Cormorana Strika. Domnívá se, že se manžel sám uchýlil na pár dní do ústraní – stejně jako to už dříve udělal – a chce, aby ho detektiv našel a přivedl zpátky domů. Jakmile Strike zahájí vyšetřování, je stále jasnější, že za Quinovým zmizením je více, než si jeho žena připouští. Spisovatel právě dokončil rukopis nové knihy, ve které vykreslil velmi jedovaté karikatury téměř všech svých známých. Pokud by byl román vydán, rozvracel by životy – je tedy mnoho lidí, kteří by si mohli přát Quina umlčet.

Robert Galbraith - La ​via del male
Quando ​un misterioso pacco viene consegnato a Robin Ellacott, la ragazza rimane inorridita nello scoprire che contiene la gamba amputata di una donna. L'investigatore privato Cormoran Strike, il suo capo, è meno sorpreso, ma non per questo meno preoccupato. Solo quattro persone che fanno parte del suo passato potrebbero esserne responsabili - e Strike sa che ciascuno di loro sarebbe capace di questa e altre indicibili brutalità. La polizia concentra le indagini su un sospettato, ma Strike è sempre più convinto che lui sia innocente: non rimane che prendere in mano il caso insieme a Robin e immergersi nei mondi oscuri e contorti degli altri tre indiziati. Ma nuovi, disumani delitti stanno per essere compiuti, e non rimane molto tempo...

Robert Galbraith - Ve ​službách zla
Cormoran ​Strike čelí pomstě v nejtemnějším případu své kariéry. Třetí případ Cormorana Strika a jeho sympatické asistentky Robin přináší nejen ďábelsky rafinovanou zápletku s neočekávanými zvraty, ale také poutavý příběh o vztahu oblíbené dvojice vyšetřovatelů na křižovatce osobních i profesních životů. Představte si, že jednoho dne obdržíte balíček s useknutou ženskou nohou... I neohroženou Robin Ellacottovou, asistentku soukromého detektiva Cormorana Strika, tento záhadný balík vyděsí k smrti. Jejího šéfa hned tak nic nerozhodí, ale ani on tuhle výstrahu nebere na lehkou váhu

Robert Galbraith - Volání ​Kukačky
Když ​se slavná modelka Lula Landryová vrhne dolů ze svého zasněženého balkonu v londýnské čtvrti Mayfair, dojdou vyšetřovatelé k rychlému závěru, totiž že šlo o sebevraždu. Případ se zdá být uzavřen. Lulin bratr má však stále jisté pochybnosti. A najatý soukromý detektiv má za něj odhalit pravdu. Cormoran Strike si odnesl z Afganistanu těžké zranění, i jizvy na duši. A z nedostatku zakázek se ocitl v zatraceně nepříjemné finanční situaci a utápí se v dluzích. Spektakulární nový případ je pro něj doslova záchranou, ale Strike netuší, jaké překvapení mu vyšetřování přinese. Zatímco stále hlouběji proniká do světa distignovaných bohatých mužů a krásných svůdných žen, přichází na hrůzné souvislosti a sám se ocitá ve smrtelném nebezpečí...

Earl Derr Biggers - Amit ​a függöny eltakar
Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 3.
The ​perfect society and its price...the manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! In the 22nd century, the Psycho-Pass measures emotional health, making crime not only rare, but strange and dangerous--and the only "safe" job for a person on the borderline is as a cop...kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves! Finally given permission to search and question at will in the Special Sector, Division 3 discovers the underground farm that developed the miracle food that saved Japan from starvation...and the fate of the original patients it was tested upon!

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 1.
In ​this prequel to the hit science fiction crime drama anime series, Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami reveals how the legendary Enforcer was once an ace detective! Working within the city-regulating Sybil System, Inspectors must fight crime in a future where a single number measures your criminal tendencies and determines if you are useful to society! An artificial organ with a numbered brand is the key piece of evidence that leads Section 3 to a network of organ smuggling! They must set up a complicated trap in order to catch the culprit! However the real perpetrator may not be who they think it is...

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 2.
The ​manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! The Psycho-Pass made a better future society possible: a universal fitness app that tracks people's emotional health. But when crime becomes rare, it also becomes stranger and more dangerous than ever...and in the 22nd century the only "safe" job for a person on the borderline is as a cop--kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves! Kogami's team has learned that the hospital where patients have died due to a genetic timer set in them decades ago was a "privileged" residence for the emotionally unfit. In searching for clues, they discover just how their society perfected itself by pushing things into the shadows...and the underground network dedicated to keeping those things alive!

Midori Gotou - Psycho-Pass: ​Inspector Shinya Kogami 4.
The ​perfect society and its price...the manga prequel to the acclaimed anime series! In the 22nd century, the Psycho-Pass measures emotional health, making crime not only rare, but strange and dangerous--and the only "safe" job for a person on the borderline is as a cop...kept on a virtual leash as they hunt down the criminals they may soon become themselves! How did rice, once sacred to Japan, become its forbidden food? Division 3 descends into the deepest levels of the Special Sector in search of a lost field under a hidden sun...and the mysterious woman at the heart of their case, Kirika Nouzen.