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Io Sakisaka - Miracles ​of Love 8.
Akari ​trifft unerwartet auf ihren Ex-Freund, der etwas zurückfordert, was sie sich einst geliehen hat. Doch was ist dieser mysteriöse Gegenstand? Und gibt es ihn überhaupt? Nicht nur Akari, sondern auch Kazuomi grübelt über diese Forderung und stellt eigene Vermutungen an. Doch sie machen es ihm nicht leichter, Akari endlich seine Gefühle zu gestehen …

Nayo - Girls ​Kingdom 3.
There’s ​never a dull moment in Misaki’s life as a maid at Amanotsuka Academy for Girls. Her first paycheck is a cause for celebration, but when she has to find the perfect thank-you present for Himeko, she just can’t decide! Then a spooky mystery haunts the school, with students claiming to have seen a ghost in the woods. It’s up to Misaki to brave the danger and find out if there really is a spirit among them! If all that wasn’t hubbub enough, there’s a new lady on campus, and she’s an exchange student. In fact, she’s the former mistress of Misaki’s British classmate. The Sky Salon wants to recruit her, but it seems like she’s in high demand—even from an unexpected party. Surprises and revelations are afoot!

Nayo - Girls ​Kingdom 4.
It’s ​a battle of the salons! At the school for mistresses and maids, three groups are vying for the new girl’s attention. Will Sakura join the Sky Salon, the Paradise Palace, or the Gloriana Guesthouse? Kagura, head of the Sky Salon, is determined to beat the competition fair and square. It’s a battle of wits, ambition, and—believe it or not—homemade confections. Plus, the mystery of who spread the word about Sakura’s arrival is solved. During summer vacation, a new problem arises. Matsuri, a Seraph who’s been working hard to pay off her family’s debts, suddenly finds herself spurned by her cruel mistress. Misaki’s determined to help, but what can she and Himeko do? This vacation’s going to be anything but relaxing!

Watase Yuu - Alice ​19th 4.
Jealousy ​makes the heart grow darker and Mayura's envy of Alice and Kyô's developing relationship makes her vulnerable to being devoured by Darva, dark mistress of the Maram words. Neo Lotis Masters, Alice and Kyô are the only ones who have even a chance against Darva, but are they strong enough to go up against this most formidable of enemies?

Hiromi Takashima - Kase-san ​and Bento
WE’RE ​GIRLFRIENDS…NOW WHAT? It’s the start of grade twelve and this year, Yamada and Kase-san are in the same class together! Yamada’s thrilled to be dating her track-star girlfriend but she’s having trouble getting a grip on just what ‘going out’ even means. Before she can find a solution to her problem, though, their school trip to Okinawa begins! Will Yamada and Kase-san ever figure this whole girlfriend thing out―or will misunderstandings split them apart forever?

Nakatani Nio - Bloom ​Into You 1.
I ​THINK I MIGHT BE FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU… Yuu has always adored shoujo manga and yearns for the day when someone might give her a love confession that would send her heart aflutter. Yet when a junior high school classmate confesses his feelings to her–she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yuu enters high school, where she sees the confident and beautiful student council member Nanami. When the next person to confess to Yuu is Nanami herself, has her romantic dream finally come true?

Kami Garcia - Margaret Stohl - Sixteen ​Moons - Eine unsterbliche Liebe
Liebe ​noch vor dem ersten Blick … Schon bevor Ethan sie zum ersten Mal gesehen hat, hat sie ihn in seinen Träumen verfolgt: Lena, die Neue an Ethans Schule. Lena, das Mädchen mit dem schwarzen Haar und den grünen Augen. Lena, die in Ravenwood wohnt, der verrufenen alten Plantage, von der sich alle in Gatlin fernhalten – alle außer Ethan. Lena, in die Ethan sich unsterblich verliebt. Doch Lena umgibt ein Fluch, den sie mit aller Kraft geheim zu halten versucht: Sie ist eine Caster, sie entstammt einer Familie von Hexen, und an ihrem sechzehnten Geburtstag soll sie berufen werden. Dann wird sich entscheiden, ob Lena eine helle oder eine dunkle Hexe wird … Ethan aber weiß: Auch ihm bleibt keine Wahl – ihm ist vorherbestimmt, Lena für immer zu lieben. Aber wird er bei ihr bleiben können, gleich, welcher Seite sie künftig angehört?

Marni Bates - Invisible
Jane ​Smith has survived three years of high school without making a single enemy, all by keeping a low profile. Not even her three best friends, Kenzie, Corey and Isobel, can say the same. But with Corey dating the lead singer from ReadySet and Kenzie in a relationship too, being invisible tends to be lonely. But now she's written an article for her school newspaper that has accidentally snagged the attention of some celebrities. Turns out, people get really upset when their innermost secrets are splashed all over the front page. And new her well-ordered life is being blasted to hell, with results that are wildly unexpected.

Nayo - Girls ​Kingdom 2.
A ​month after arriving at Amanotsuka Academy for Girls, Misaki is getting used to her new life as a maid, even if it’s not what she was expecting. She’s even gotten to meet a whole host of new faces, friendly and otherwise! However, there’s trouble in store when a head maid is chosen for their class: a British exchange student named Sarah. When she judges Misaki and her friend Kirara on their domestic service skills and finds them lacking, things start to look bleak! That’s not all—the staff of Erisu’s École Kitchen, a restaurant on campus, have fallen out of their mistress’ favor due to their dismal customer turnout. If business doesn’t pick up, not only will they never be made into Seraphs, they’ll lose their maid contracts altogether! Misaki wants to help, but what can she possibly do?

Yuyuko Takemiya - Evergreen ​4.
TO ​YOU, I GIVE ETERNITY A brainy manga club captain and a beautiful swim club’s ace seem like an improbable match. Yet despite their differences, Hotaka and Niki find that they have deep feelings for each other. Short after Niki’s confession, the two excitedly set their first date. They agree to go to a summer festival together. But shocking revelations about Niki’s true identity will drastically affect their relationship, in this heart-wrenching conclusion to the _Evergreen_ series.

Kishi Torajirou - Schulmädchen-Report ​8.
Die ​Reportagen über die japanischen Highschool-Mädchen heutiger Tage beleuchten diesmal echte und falsche, heimliche und verschwiegene Küsse, freiwillige und erzwungene Nacktheit, Streit und Versöhnung, Schnittwunden und Telepathie und vieles mehr ...

Yukiko - Futaribeya ​2. (angol)
In ​terms of personality, high school freshman Sakurako Kawawa couldn't be more at odds with her new roommate, the beautiful, lackadaisical Kasumi Yamabuki. But even though hardworking, friendly Sakurako might get the top grades in class and do most of the cooking at home while Kasumi seems to be constantly nodding off or snacking, these two roommates actually get along so well, you'll rarely see one without the other at her side. Whether they're just walking arm-in-arm to class, watching the cherry trees blossom, or sharing cotton candy at the summer festival, Sakurako and Kasumi are always having fun together! Follow the heartwarming, hilarious daily life of two high school roommates in this new, four-panel style series of short stories!

Miman - Yuri ​Is My Job! 6.
Hime ​is a picture-perfect high school princess—admired by all and she never trips up! So when she accidentally injures a café manager named Mai, she’s willing to cover some shifts to keep her facade intact. However, under the guidance of the most graceful girl there, Hime can’t help but blush and blunder! Will budding feelings fully bloom in this latest volume?

Jeff Kinney - Big ​Shot
In ​Big Shot, book 16 of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney, Greg Heffley and sports just don’t mix. After a disastrous field day competition at school, Greg decides that when it comes to his athletic career, he’s officially retired. But after his mom urges him to give sports one more chance, he reluctantly agrees to sign up for basketball. Tryouts are a mess, and Greg is sure he won’t make the cut. But he unexpectedly lands a spot on the worst team. As Greg and his new teammates start the season, their chances of winning even a single game look slim. But in sports, anything can happen. When everything is on the line and the ball is in Greg’s hands, will he rise to the occasion? Or will he blow his big shot? See the Wimpy Kid World in a whole new way with the help of Greg Heffley’s best friend in the instant #1 bestsellers Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson’s Journal, Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure and Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories!

Hitoma Iruma - Non - Adachi ​and Shimamura 4.
NEW ​YEAR, NEW WOES It’s spring, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and Adachi and Shimamura have been assigned to the same second-year class! Hooray! But now Shimamura’s making new friends—so where does that leave Adachi? Can she overcome her shyness to get Shimamura back, or will she lose all the progress she’s made? Perhaps a sleepover is in order!

Makoto Hagino - A ​Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow 5.
When ​her dad gets a job overseas, Konatsu Amano has to leave the Tokyo life she’s always known and relocate to a small seaside town to stay with her aunt. The move also means starting a new school surrounded by complete strangers, and it’s a lot to handle for a girl who has trouble with change. But on her first day in her new town, Konatsu is instantly drawn to Koyuki, an older girl who is the sole member of the Aquarium Club. Konatsu’s introverted tendencies are hard for her to overcome, but maybe she’s found something worth coming out of her shell for? The day of the Aquarium Club’s open house has finally arrived, and the shark show is a great success. Koyuki is so thrilled by the victory that she actually jumps for joy. But baring her feelings in front of everyone is too much for her to handle, and she ends up running away. Thankfully Koyuki’s family and Konatsu accept her just the way she is. And as Koyuki and Konatsu spend more time together, each of the girls finds a place in her heart for the other.

Nakatani Nio - Bloom ​Into You 8.
LOVE ​IN FULL BLOOM After Sayaka confesses to her, Touko must face her own feelings! Just as Yuu begins to lose all hope, Touko asks to meet with her. Is this the beginning of the end or the blossoming of a beautiful, new relationship? The final volume of the touching yuri series, Bloom into You! FINAL VOLUME

Nanashi - Don't ​Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro 5.
Nagatoro ​is a freshman in high school who loves teasing and torturing her older male classmate (Senpai). What is her motivation and why does Senpai put up with her? Does Nagatoro just want to create misery for Senpai? Or maybe she secretly likes him?

HERO - ホリミヤ ​(Horimiya) 3.
君が好きだということを、言葉以外でどうして伝えられるだろう! お互いの秘密を共有しながら、少しずつ距離を縮めていく堀さんと宮村くん。思わずこぼれた堀の「好きだ」という言葉に、宮村はどう応えるのか…?大人気WEBコミック「堀さんと宮村くん」のリメイク版、第3巻!

Kei Hamuro - Our ​Wonderful Days 3.
THE ​EARLY DAYS OF LOVE It’s summertime, and that means summer vacation! As the friends spend more time together, Mafuyu’s crush on Koharu grows. Can Mafuyu confess her feelings? And does Koharu feel the same way? Find out in the final volume of the sweet yuri series, Our Wonderful Days! FINAL VOLUME

HERO - Horimiya ​2.
The ​sweet, "aww"-inspiring tale of school life continues!! By all appearances, Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura are worlds apart. Bright and capable, Hori is always surrounded by classmates, the center of attention. For Miyamura, a quirky loner, getting through class unnoticed counts as a good day. But ever since these two started sharing secrets, they've found themselves drawn into each other's orbit little by little and the distance between them shrinking bit by bit...

Tsugumi Ohba - Bakuman。 ​2.
After ​Moritaka and Akito collaborate on a manga together, they venture to publishing house Shueisha in hopes of capturing an editor's interest. As much potential as these two rookies have, will their story impress the pros and actually get printed?

Nakatani Nio - Bloom ​Into You 3.
NEVER ​SAY NEVER As preparations begin for the student council's play, Touko and Yuu grow even closer― and Touko starts to wonder just how close she can get before she crosses the line. Meanwhile, as Sayaka witnesses their relationship grow, her jealousy reaches a breaking point. Yuu, on the other hand, isn't sure how to deal with the budding intimacy, and starts to doubt whether she'll ever _truly_ fall in love.

Suzukin Kario - Kwiat ​i gwiazda
Hanai ​rozpoczyna naukę w liceum, gdzie ku swojemu zdumieniu spotyka Hoshino, dawną rywalkę z zawodów sportowych. To z jej powodu nastolatka zarzuciła uprawianie ping ponga chodź wiele dla niego poświęciła. Na domiar złego dziewczyny nie tylko trafiają do jednej klasy, ale również zostają posadzone obok siebie! Czy te nowe okoliczności staną się dla Hanai przeszkodą na drodze do realizacji marzenia o szczęśliwym licealnym życiu?

Satoru Akahori - Kashimashi ​~Girl Meets Girl~ 5.
The ​Can’t-Miss Conclusion To The Hit Gender-Bending Comedy! Just a few months ago, Hazumu's life changed forever. Now, even stronger winds of change blow upon our former male hero. In this heart-wrenching final volume of the series, the chaotic all-girl love tirangle comes to a shocking resolution in the face of Hazumu's biggest challenge yet... her own morality.

Miman - Yuri ​Is My Job! 5.
With ​the Blume competition behind them, the bonds between the schwestern have solidified. Now each member is gearing up for their respective birthday celebrations at Liebe Girls Academy! Business is booming as the café reintroduces staff-recommended teas and the like, but when Nene falls ill, Mai and Sumika take to the kitchen in her stead. Now understaffed, the salon is thrown into a frenzy, and Mitsuki and Hime's relationship might not make it out intact.