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“Az embert saját jól felfogott érdekében úgy teremtették, hogy ne lásson a jövőbe.”
(Rejtő Jenő)

Madame ​Vastra, the fabled Lizard Woman of Paternoster Row, knew death in many shapes and forms. But perhaps one of the most bizarre of these was death by snow... On a cold day in December, two young boys, tired of sweeping snow from the workhouse yard, decide to build a snowman - and are confronted with a strange and grisly mystery. In horrified fascination, they watch as their snowman begins to bleed... The search for answers to this impossible event will plunge Harry into the most hazardous - and exhilarating - adventure of his life. He will encounter a hideous troll. He will dine with a mysterious parlour maid. And he will help the Great Detective, Madame Vastra, save the world from the terrifying Devil in the Smoke.

The ​breathtaking conclusion to the time-travel trilogy that is “both tender and electric” (Publishers Weekly) The battle between the Tempest division and Eyewall comes to a shocking conclusion in this final installment of the Tempest trilogy, where the need for survival stretches the boundaries of history, both past and future, and the world Jackson once knew is a place forever marked by the detrimental effects of time travel. As Jackson recovers from his brush with death, he’s surrounded not only by the people he loves most—his dad, Courtney, and Holly—he’s also amongst a few of the original time travelers. As he learns more about their life and how this world began, it becomes apparent that they need to put a stop to Thomas and Doctor Ludwig’s experimenting at Eyewall Headquarters. What starts out as an escape plan becomes a war between time and humanity, between freewill and peace. It’s the battle Jackson was born to fight and he’s not about to back down. Not for anything. Not for anyone.

The ​enchantment continues.... The universe of the Lunar Chronicles holds stories—and secrets—that are wondrous, vicious, and romantic. How did Cinder first arrive in New Beijing? How did the brooding soldier Wolf transform from young man to killer? When did Princess Winter and the palace guard Jacin realize their destinies? With nine stories—five of which have never before been published—and an exclusive never-before-seen excerpt from Marissa Meyer’s upcoming novel, Heartless, about the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Stars Above is essential for fans of the bestselling and beloved Lunar Chronicles. -- The Little Android: A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles. Glitches: In this prequel to Cinder, we see the results of the plague play out, and the emotional toll it takes on Cinder. Something that may, or may not, be a glitch…. The Queen’s Army: In this prequel to Scarlet, we’re introduced to the army Queen Levana is building, and one soldier in particular who will do anything to keep from becoming the monster they want him to be. Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: Thirteen-year-old Carswell Thorne has big plans involving a Rampion spaceship and a no-return trip out of Los Angeles. The Keeper: A prequel to the Lunar Chronicles, showing a young Scarlet and how Princess Selene came into the care of Michelle Benoit. After Sunshine Passes By: In this prequel to Cress, we see how a nine-year-old Cress ended up alone on a satellite, spying on Earth for Luna. The Princess and the Guard: In this prequel to Winter, we see a game called The Princess The Mechanic: In this prequel to Cinder, we see Kai and Cinder’s first meeting from Kai’s perspective. Something Old, Something New: In this epilogue to Winter, friends gather for the wedding of the century...

Winner ​of the 2014 Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a First Novel! Las Vegas suburbanite, Stacy Troy, dreams that everyone is dead. She dismembers the bodies of loved ones, stuffs them into a shopping cart, then takes them two at a time to the pile where she will burn their remains and say her last goodbyes. Waking nightly to her own screams, Stacy is convinced she’s on the brink of a mid-life crisis and begins secretly seeing a psychiatrist. Dr. Light and his methods seem strange and unconventional, but his treatments work, and her circumstances improve. Until the nightmares return with a vengeance, taking on a life of their own. Uncertain what to believe, Stacy carries on living the only life she remembers. Nosebleeds and head-splitting alarms only she can hear, become a regular occurrence. In physical and mental decline, the nocturnal world in her mind refuses to die. The images it reveals hold clues that lead her to a shocking discovery. Threatening to unravel the last thread of her sanity, Stacy must make a heartrending decision...before her post-apocalyptic nightmares come true. “Rena Mason is a fine writer. Write her name down, underline it, stick it on the fridge with the other reminders. Then, buy everything she writes. You will not be disappointed, because she is indeed a: Rising Star.” —Gene O’Neill, THE BURDEN OF INDIGO and FROZEN SHADOWS “The next time somebody tells me there’s nothing new in genre fiction, I’m going to hand them this and ask that they let me get a safe distance away before their presumptions are blown to smithereens.” —Lisa Morton, Bram Stoker Award Winning author of THE CASTLE OF LOS ANGELES and TRICK OR TREAT. "In this bold debut, Rena Mason has constructed an upper middle-class nightmare for the entire human race that will long stay with me. Read this book, and be prepared!” —Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Bram Stoker Award Winning author of BLACK & ORANGE and DUNGEON BRAIN. "Rena Mason’s The Evolutionist is one of the best debut novels I’ve ever read. A psychological thrill ride that is both literary and visceral. Wildly original, smart as hell, and highly recommended!" —Peter Giglio, author of Stealing Night and Sunfall Manor "The Evolutionist runs its icy fingers up your spine, grabs you by the brain, and compels you to read on to the final chilling page." —Fran Friel, Two-Time Bram Stoker Award Finalist. "Riveting, intense, smart, and thought-provoking. THE EVOLUTIONIST burns with such ferocity, it feels as if the pages might spontaneously combust!" —R.J. Cavender, editor of the Bram Stoker Award-nominated +Horror Library+ anthology series.

_Egy ​rejtélyes áram által átjárt galaxisban mindenki különleges adománnyal születik._ CYRA a shotet nép fölött uralkodó kegyetlen zsarnok húga, akit áramadománya fájdalommal és hatalommal ruház fel. A bátyja a képességeit kihasználva az ellenségei kínzására kényszeríti a lányt, ám Cyra nem csupán fegyver a testvére kezében: szívós, fürge és eszesebb, mint ahogy azt a zsarnok sejtené. AKOS egy földműves és egy orákulum nagylelkű fia Thuvhe fagyott bolygójáról, akinek hűsége a családja iránt nem ismer határokat, és akit különleges áramadománya védelmez. Miután Akost és fivérét ellenséges shotet katonák ejtik foglyul, kétségbeesetten küzd azért, hogy a testvérét kimenekítse – kerüljön bármibe. Akos Cyra világába kerül, és az országaik és családjaik közti viszály leküzdhetetlennek tűnik. Vajon segítenek-e egymásnak túlélni, vagy elpusztítják egymást? Az _Árnyak és jelek_ Veronica Roth lenyűgöző története a barátság – és szerelem – erejéről egy váratlan adományokkal teli galaxisban.

Peter ​Quill has abandoned the Guardians and his role as Star-Lord to be emperor of the Spartax! Now, Rocket has grabbed the reins as team leader - backed up by Drax, Venom, Groot, Kitty Pryde and brand-new Guardian Ben Grimm, the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing! But what could put the team into the crosshairs of Emperor Quill and his Imperial Guard? Another old face is back, too - but will it be a welcome return for Gamora, or have circumstances changed in the eight months she has been away? When friends like these cause complications for Rocket and the gang, who needs enemies? They don't, but they seem to attract them anyway. And the newest threat to the galaxy is a doozy. His name is Yotat the Destroyer - and he will have blood. Collecting Guardians of the Galaxy (2015) #1-5.

How ​did Fox Mulder become a believer? How did Dana Scully become a skeptic? The X-Files Origins has the answers in this young adult origin story. The X-Files Origins: Devil's Advocate will explore the teen years of Dana Scully, the beloved character depicted in the cult-favorite TV show The X-Files. Her story is set in the spring of 1979, when serial murder, the occult, and government conspiracy were highlighted in the news. The book will follow Scully as she experiences life-changing events that set her on the path to becoming an FBI agent. Don't miss The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos, by Kami Garcia, about 17-year-old Fox Mulder.

How ​did Fox Mulder become a believer? How did Dana Scully become a skeptic? The X-Files Origins has the answers. The X-Files Origins: Agent of Chaos explores the teen years of Fox Mulder, the beloved character depicted in the cult-favorite TV show The X-Files. His story is set in the spring of 1979, when serial murder, the occult, and government conspiracy were highlighted in the news. The book will follow Mulder as he experiences life-changing events that set him on the path to becoming an FBI agent. Don't miss The X-Files Origins: Devil s Advocate, by Jonathan Maberry, about 15-year-old Dana Scully.

What ​happens when a superhero can beat the snot out of every villain with just one punch? Can he find an opponent to give his life meaning, or is he doomed to a life of superpowered boredom? Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem—he just can’t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on!' The human monster and hero hunter Garo cranks up the intensity of his destruction. As the damage increases, throwing the hero world into turmoil, Saitama decides it’s the perfect time to develop an interest in martial arts and sneaks into a combat tournament. Meanwhile, the Class-S hero Metal Bat takes an assignment guarding a Hero Association executive and his son, and it isn’t long before trouble appears!

Mikor ​Orestes kulcsfontosságú kohóvilágát ostrom alá veszik a Káosz titánjai, a bolygó kénytelen segítségért folyamodni. A küzdelemből frissen megtért Invicta Titán Légiónak bár égető szüksége lenne némi időre, hogy elvégezzék a létfontosságú javításokat, hogy feltöltsék a készleteiket, mégis válaszolnak a segélykérő hívásra, és hadba vonulnak. A háborúba induló isten-gépek lábai alatt maga a föld is megremeg, hisz a pusztítás, melyre képesek könnyen romlásba döntheti magát a világot is, melynek felszabadítására felesküdtek. Az epikus Warhammer 40,000 regény lapjain az apokaliptikus léptékű, vad küzdelem sötét politikai intrikával párosul.

A ​dazzling, postmodern debut collection of pulp and surreal fictions: a writer of alternate histories defends his patron's zeppelin against assassins and pirates; a woman transforms into hundreds of gumballs; an emancipated children's collective goes house hunting. Benjamin Rosenbaum's stories have appeared in Asimov's Science Fiction and McSweeney's, been translated into fourteen languages, and listed in The Best American Short Stories 2006. Shortlisted for the Hugo and Nebula awards, Rosenbaum's work has been reprinted in Harper's and The Year's Best Science Fiction.

Galaktika ​321. Ismeretlen szerző

A ​decemberi magazint James Patrick Kelly írásának első része nyitja: egy olyan világba csöppenünk, ahonnan eltűntek a férfiak. Keith Roberts szentestéje a Két Birodalom kereszttüzében egyaránt tartogat politikai és magánéleti intrikákat. Alekszandr Gyagyiscsev beszámolójában a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Zónája egy napra magára marad. A magyar szerzők karácsonyi témákat variálnak: Benedek Szabolcs egy nem mindennapi kívánságot vált valóra, Lovas Lajos, a Törzsszövetség szerzője „befűt" a Mikulásnak, Molnár Csaba (A széttört idő legendája) zsákos embere új értelmet ad egy legendának. A megújult havi retro Owen Oliver „Fényjárvány" című novellája: a megjelenő titokzatos fények küldetése ismeretlen. Interjú Erdész Róberttel: irodalomról, zenéről, sci-firől beszélgettünk, különös tekintettel egy kialakuló, új típusú mesterséges intelligenciára. A képregény Arthur C. Clarke (2001. Űrodisszeia, A gyermekkor vége, Bölcső) „A csillag" című elbeszélésének adaptációja. A Kapcsolatfelvétel a 2016-os barcelonai Euroconról számol be. A Filmrovat a Zsivány Egyesre várva elemzi a Star Wars-hagyomány újjáéledését és/vagy saját útjait. A tudományos főanyag a „Mi hiányzik az űrkutatáshoz?" kérdését járja körül. A lapban olvashatók még érdekes írások különböző robotokról (orosz határőrrobot; tenger alatti vadászrobot; illetve Jibo, a házi kedvenc), autók okoseszközeiről, valamint arról, kell-e az emberiségnek az atomreaktor. Az Obszervatóriumban az űrbányászat jogi problémái merülnek fel, a VR Labbal pedig belépünk egy másik dimenzióba.

My ​guardian angel is a drunk. Evelyn Casey's life is at a standstill. She's in her mid-twenties, struggling with the dating scene in San Francisco. Nothing seems to be working out, and she s starting to think that she ll live out her days in her crummy apartment with her overbearing roommate, Brooklyn. It's absurd, but sometimes Evey longs for a guardian angel to show up and save the day. And then he does. Seriously. His name is Lucian and he's a guardian angel, been on the job for two thousand years. His sudden presence in her life is both good he's brilliant, witty, and warm and bad he's brilliant, witty, warm, and hot as ----. But as perfect as Lucian seems, he s got problems of his own. He s taken up drinking and he s brazenly inserted himself into Evey s life, going against the greatest cosmic law ever created. For Evey, the rules are simple: You are not allowed to hook up with your guardian angel. But sometimes fulfilling your destiny requires a leap of faith, a confrontation with God. Yes, God as in God.

Meet ​Ezra and the Rebels crew! Your favorite Star Wars Rebels heroes are ready to fight the evil Empire! Kanan, Hera, and trusty old Chopper battle TIE fighters while Sabine uses her artistic talents to outsmart Stormtroopers. Zeb never misses an opportunity to take down troopers, and Ezra scores a special souvenir at the crash site of an Imperial fighter.

Ezra ​Bridger knows how to take care of himself. Growing up in the shadow of the Galactic Empire, Ezra has always stolen what he can to survive--and to mess with the Empire. But when one of Ezra's heists goes terribly wrong, he finds himself thrown together with a team of rebels. Lead by brash maverick Kanan Jarrus and fearless pilot Hera Syndulla, the rebels are on a mission to free enslaved Wookiees from an Imperial prison. Now Ezra must decide whether to go back to his simple life on Lothal, or join the rebels in their fight for freedom.

When ​Ezra Bridger runs in to an old friend from his past, secrets about Ezra's missing parents are finally brought to light. Can Ezra unravel the mystery of their disappearance while still helping the rebels fight the Empire? The stakes are higher than ever as Imperial Agent Kallus and the fearsome Inquisitor join forces to stop the rebels. With such dangerous enemies, the team is in for the fight of their lives!

The ​heroes of Star Wars Rebels are back with more action-packed adventures! Follow them on their journey to save Wookiees as they narrowly escape a terrible Imperial trap. They also meet beloved droids R2-D2 and C-3PO—who are on a mysterious mission to help the Empire! Chopper proves that even a clunky old droid can play a big role in saving the galaxy. But one mission leads to the next for our rebel heroes, and they must ultimately face their biggest enemy yet—the Inquisitor!

When ​Kanan is captured by the Empire, Ezra, Sabine, and the rest of the Ghost crew must work together to save their friend. But what how can their rag-tag team hope to stand up to the might of Agent Kallus, the Inquisitor, and Grand Moff Tarkin? The rebels are in for their most daring adventure yet!

When ​he encounters a criminal from his past, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi strikes out, determined to fulfill a promise he made to himself as a young Jedi: to bring in this fugitive on his own! While on the trail, Obi-Wan earns a favor from a local smuggler, but her devotion to working for her own benefit may be more trouble for Obi-Wan than her help is actually worth!

Ehhez a könyvhöz nincs fülszöveg, de ettől függetlenül még rukkolható/happolható.

Lauded ​Star Wars author James Luceno returns to pen an intense tale of ambition and betrayal that sets the stage for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. War is tearing the galaxy apart. For years the Republic and the Separatists have battled across the stars, each building more and more deadly technology in an attempt to win the war. As a member of Chancellor Palpatine’s top secret Death Star project, Orson Krennic is determined to develop a superweapon before their enemies can. And an old friend of Krennic’s, the brilliant scientist Galen Erso, could be the key. Galen’s energy-focused research has captured the attention of both Krennic and his foes, making the scientist a crucial pawn in the galactic conflict. But after Krennic rescues Galen, his wife, Lyra, and their young daughter, Jyn, from Separatist kidnappers, the Erso family is deeply in Krennic’s debt. Krennic then offers Galen an extraordinary opportunity: to continue his scientific studies with every resource put utterly at his disposal. While Galen and Lyra believe that his energy research will be used purely in altruistic ways, Krennic has other plans that will finally make the Death Star a reality. Trapped in their benefactor’s tightening grasp, the Ersos must untangle Krennic’s web of deception to save themselves and the galaxy itself.

Top-secret ​files about the characters from the new movie, Star Wars: Rogue One, including in-depth profiles, mission briefings, and more. Set before Star Wars: A New Hope, Rogue One follows a rag-tag group of rebel commandos who must steal the plans to the Empire's new superweapon, the Death Star. This standalone story transports fans to unseen corners of the Star Wars universe and strange new planets not to mention an encounter with a familiar adversary, Darth Vader. Have you collected all the Star Wars: Rogue One books? Star Wars Rogue One Book and Model: Make Your Own U-wing; Star Wars Rogue One: Art of Colouring; Star Wars Rogue One: Mission Files; Star Wars Rogue One: Profiles and Poster Book.

It ​is a dark time in a galaxy far, far away... When the parents of Milo and Lina Graf are abducted by agents of the evil Empire, the children must undertake a perilous journey across the unknown reaches of Wild Space to rescue them – and to discover hope for the future. It is a time of darkness. With the end of the Clone Wars, and the destruction of the Jedi Order, the evil Emperor Palpatine rules the galaxy unopposed. Far away, in the unknown regions of Wild Space beyond Imperial borders, MILO and LINA GRAF accompany their explorer parents on their expeditions. As the Grafs scout a remote and unmapped swamp-world, the shadow of the Empire draws ever nearer....

It ​is a time of darkness. With the end of the Clone Wars, and the destruction of the Jedi Order, the evil Emperor Palpatine rules the galaxy unopposed. As the Empire expands into the unknown star systems of WILD SPACE, the Imperial Captain Korda has kidnapped the explorers Auric and Rhyssa Graf, and hopes to use their maps and data to his advantage. The Grafs' children, Milo and Lina, narrowly escaped Korda in their parents' ship the WHISPER BIRD, and are now on course to the planet Thune, looking for help....

It ​is a time of darkness. With the end of the Clone Wars and the destruction of the Jedi Order, the evil Emperor Palpatine rules the galaxy unopposed. After their parents are kidnapped by the cruel Imperial Captain Korda, Lina and Milo Graf flee into the depths of Wild Space with only their trusted droid CR-8R for company. Just as all seems lost, the children intercept a transmission calling for a revolt against the Empire. Hoping to find someone who can help them, Milo and Lina set out to find the source of the signal....

It ​is a dark time in a galaxy far, far away...When the parents of Milo and Lina Graf are abducted by agents of the evil Empire, the children must undertake a perilous journey across the unknown reaches of Wild Space to rescue them - and to discover hope for the future. In this third full-length adventure, Milo and Lina arrive on the planet Lothal, source of a mysterious transmission promising help against the Empire. With a bounty hunter on their tail, and a ruthless crime boss to contend with, can they pull off a daring heist? Have you collected all the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series? The Snare; The Nest; The Steal; and, The Dark.

An ​original Star Wars fiction series for children, The Adventures in Wild Space takes place in the period between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope. Star Wars fans can meet a whole host of new characters, including a new droid, CR-8R, and a new villain, Captain Korda. It is a time of darkness. With the end of the Clone Wars and the destruction of the Jedi Order, the evil Emperor Palpatine rules the galaxy unopposed. After their parents were kidnapped by the ruthless Imperial Captain Korda, young explorers Lino and Milo Graf set out to find them. Enjoy the fifth instalment in this exciting new series. Children aged 8 years and up will love this addition to the Star Wars universe.

Ahsoka ​azt hitte, hogy az ő háborújának már vége. De az igazi harc csak most kezdődik... Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker hűséges tanítványa valaha egész életét a Jedi Rend szolgálatának akarta szentelni. Egy megrázó árulás után azonban elfordult a Rendtől, hogy a saját útját járja. Úgy hitte, számíthat Anakinra és a többi Jedire, ha szüksége lesz rájuk. Ám a császár hatalomra jutásakor a Jediket könyörtelenül lemészárolják. A gyász és a bűntudat terhével küzdő Ahsoka teljesen magára marad. Egy távoli mezőgazdasági világon, a Raadán keres menedéket, de nem szökhet el a múltja elől. Amikor birodalmi csapatok szállják meg a Raadát, el kell döntenie, hogy részt vesz-e a harcokban, még ha ezzel el is árulja magáról, hogy Jedi. A döntései nagy hatással lesznek a körülötte élőkre és talán elvezetik őt valamihez, ami új reményt adhat az egész galaxisnak...

Lázadj ​fel a Galaktikus Birodalom ellen a Zsivány Egyes hőseivel! A Birodalom szörnyű fegyvert épített. Vajon a lázadók képesek lesznek a fenyegetés útjába állni, mielőtt túl késő lenne? Állj melléjük, és légy tanúja annak, ahogy küldetésük során parancsokat megtagadva, bátran kockáztatják az életüket! A kezdő olvasóknak szánt Star Wars- olvasókönyv-sorozat segít az olvasás megszerettetésében, az önálló olvasás elsajátításában. A gazdagon illusztrált, izgalmas történet, a sok érdekes információ, és a játékos tesztkérdések mind hozzájárulnak ahhoz, hogy az olvasás a legkisebbek számára is szórakoztató és sikerélményekben gazdag időtöltéssé váljon.

Die ​Geschichte der geheimnisvollen Vorbereitung einer Expedition zum schwarzen Planeten - die dank der Fähigkeiten von Lee Casimir, Assistent der Weltraumbehörde mit Sitz in Lunar City, gerade noch rechtzeitig vereitelt werden kann, ohne dass mehrere Menschen und teures Material einer sinnlosen Tat zum Opfer fallen.

Die ​Geschichte von dem Mann, der sich einen Mond des Saturn kauft, um auf ihm seinen Lebensabend zu verbringen und den immerwährenden Anblick des schönsten aller Planeten zu geniessen -- und der feststellen muss, dass sein Mond bereits unheimliche Bewohner hat.

Felbolydul ​a sziklaszilárdnak hitt, hatalmas Bonton Birodalom. Az örökösök és a hadurak széthúznak; némelyek a kiborggá vált királlyal tartanak, mások ellene fordulnak: ezúttal polgárháború borítja lángba a megtépázott, fáradt galaxist. A hódítás ugyanakkor nem áll meg, mivel a bontonok így is elég erősek ahhoz, hogy mellékesen leverjék a feltámadó kisebb-nagyobb lázadásokat, emellett pedig kizárólag saját céljaikkal és problémáikkal törődjenek. Az uralkodó egyre furcsábban viselkedik. Legfőbb támaszának ezúttal űzött vadként az életéért kell harcolnia, miközben egy ellenséges labirintus fogságába kerül, amelynek neve: Kradomah. Mégis élete legnagyobb harca vár rá: megküzdeni önmagával. Újabb különös titkok emelkednek napvilágra, amelyek ezúttal is komoly befolyással bírnak a galaxis és annak lakói sorsára... Az 1990-es években született, ma már klasszikusnak tekinthető, szépirodalmi díjakat elnyerő Csillaghullás eposzt követő trilógiában az ott megismert események következményeivel szembesülhetünk. Újra találkozhatunk hőseinkkel, illetve kiválasztottakként az univerzum titkainak további mélységeibe nyerhetünk betekintést.